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Straight talk

Observer Viewpoint | Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I’ve had enough of people telling me Sen. Kerry is not a flip-flopper including Katie Boyle in her Sept. 21 column, so I’ve decided to let him speak for himself:

“So clearly the allies may not like it and I think that’s our great concern. Where’s the backbone of Russia, where’s the backbone of France? Where are they in expressing their condemnation of such clearly illegal activity?” CNN’s Crossfire, Nov. 12, 1997.

“Obviously the United States has to protect our national security interests and we have to do what we think is right.” The O’Reilly Factor, May 22, 2002.

“The president, as I also wrote in that article, always reserves the right to act unilaterally to protect the interests of our country.” Hardball MSNBC, Nov. 17, 2002.

“I don’t think any United States senator is gonna abandon our troops and recklessly leave Iraq to whatever follows as a result of simply cutting and running, that’s irresponsible.” Face the Nation, Sept. 14, 2003.

“I actually did vote for the $87 billion, before I voted against it.” March 6.

“I’m proud to say that John [Edwards] joined me in voting against that $87 billion.” July 12.

“I completely agree with this administration’s goal of regime change in Iraq.” Speech to the 2002 DLC National Conversation, New York, July 29, 2002.

“In the resolution that we passed, we did not empower the president to do regime change.” Meet the Press, Aug. 31, 2003.

“The president and his advisors did not do almost anything correctly in the walk up to the war.” This Week, Oct. 12, 2003.

“Are you one of the anti-war candidates?” Chris Matthews. “Um, I am, yeah.” John Kerry, Hardball, Jan. 6, 2004.

“I will be a commander-in-chief who will never mislead us into war.” Democratic nomination acceptance speech, July 29.

“When it comes to Iraq, I would not have done one thing differently. I would have done everything differently.” speech to the National American Legion, Nashville, Sept. 1.

On Sept. 6, 2002, Senator Kerry wrote an op-ed in the New York Times outlining his ideal policy toward a possible war with Iraq. “[T]he administration must seek advice and approval from Congress, laying out the evidence and making the case.” Congress gave its approval on Oct. 10, 2002. “Then, in concert with our allies, it must seek full enforcement of the existing cease-fire agreement from the United Nations Security Council.” In November 2002, resolution 1441 unanimously passed the Security Council, allowing Iraq four months to disarm and prove this to inspectors, or force would be employed. “We should at the same time offer a clear ultimatum to Iraq before the world: Accept rigorous inspections without negotiation or compromise.” President Bush did this on March 17, 2003.

Can a man, who in his own words has been all over the field on Iraq, really be trusted to keep my sisters, my family, our families and our children safe? Read what he said and decide for yourself.

Becket Gremmels


Alumni Hall

Sept. 21