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The abortion party

Observer Viewpoint | Wednesday, September 8, 2004

I remember I was in the JACC working out one night, and I heard lots of noise in the area where hockey games are held. I went to check it out, and saw that it was club night. Lots of booths, lots of people milling around. So I headed back toward the weight room. But someone tapped me on the shoulder, and when I turned around, there was a little guy in glasses asking if I wanted to join the best party on campus.

Knowing what campus parties were like, I figured the best party on campus could not be very good, so I declined. Then he explained that he meant the Democratic Party. I answered, “You mean the abortion party?” He sneered and walked away.

When I read the article by Katie Boyle, about what John Kerry will do for America, I concluded that she is either very ignorant, very gullible or very dishonest. There is nothing at all in his record to indicate that Kerry will do any of the things she flatly claims that he will do. Notice that she herself did not even bother to argue that he will do them, or explain exactly how he will do them. Kerry just stated that he will, and I guess that is supposed to be good enough for us.

What bothers me, though, is what she left out. One could argue that maybe Kerry will help the environment, if it is politically advantageous, or that he might come up with some new way to improve public schools, if the teachers unions will go along with it. What is an absolute certainty, however, is that John Kerry will veto any legislation restricting abortion in any way, and will appoint only judges who consider abortion on demand an absolute right.

According to his own voting record, John Kerry believes that minors should be able to get abortions without their parents’ consent and without being advised about other options or the risks of abortion. He believes that women should be able to have abortions at any point in their pregnancies, by any method they want. And he believes taxpayers should pay for this horror.

It has been a major point of the Bush campaign that John Kerry is a flip-flopper. Indeed, he has changed positions so many times on so many issues just during this presidential run. But one thing he has never wavered about is his commitment to abortion on demand. The same is true of his running mate, the girl from the shampoo commercials. When he was suing caring and dedicated doctors out of business for the defects in the babies they delivered – even though science has since established that these defects are never the result of botched deliveries – one of his courtroom tactics was to pretend he was the unborn child. With great theatrical effect Edwards would describe the anguish of the child at the hands of a cruel and incompetent doctor. Think he hears or channels the voice of the unborn when it comes to abortion? When pigs fly.

When rumors swirled about Kerry picking John McCain, a Republican, as his running mate, there was a lot of discussion and commentary about how that would work, a Democrat running with a Republican. Time and time again, I heard from both sides, from people in office and regular commentators, that McCain would just have to state his support of abortion. He could stay in favor of the war, and of tax cuts, and a whole host of other Republican positions. But he would have to cross over on abortion.

It is sad enough, and obvious enough, that abortion is the one required position for Democrats today. It is even sadder when people like Katie Boyle try to hide that fact. She might as well describe what the head of the Ku Klux Klan would do for America as president, without mentioning all the ugly things he would do to blacks.

Darin DeLucco

Class of 2001

Sept. 7