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Unoriginal story downs ‘First Daughter’

Courtney Wilson | Tuesday, September 28, 2004

We have undoubtedly heard of or seen this “All-American” fairy tale multiple times before First Daughter even entered development. As if there was a shortage in “daughter of the president” movies, there is yet another one to tack onto the list of ever recurring Hollywood plots. It is the classic story of the U.S. president’s daughter searching for a little bit of fun, if not freedom, in her restricted life of fame and public scrutiny. Katie Holmes, former Dawson’s Creek “girl next door,” plays the all too familiar role of the bright eyed, cutesy first daughter. This “she just wants to be a normal girl” theme is by now far from tired. In fact, the movie is discouragingly reminiscent of the recent teen chick flick Chasing Liberty, which starred Mandy Moore, a very comparable actress to Holmes. Samantha (Holmes) is the daughter of President Mackenzie, played by actor Michael Keaton. She is starting up her first year of college, and is struggling with all the predictable barriers between her and a normal college freshman experience. Constantly in the presence of her secret service agents, and forever in the eye of the media, Sam finds it hard to please her parents during a bumpy reelection year, and befriend her fellow classmates at the same time. Mia Thomson, Sam’s relentless roommate, is out to have a good time in college and is determined to include Sam in on the excitement. Sam does enjoys some innocent college fun with her roommate, and in due time, a little expected romance finds its way into her life. Sam eventually begins to fall for her “oh so cute” resident advisor James, played by heartthrob actor Marc Blucas. He is the stereotypical boy of any girl’s dreams, who makes all her guy troubles just melt away. But this all too good to be true tale has a “shocking” predictable twist. In this case, the twist might have come as a bigger surprise had it not been seen before in Chasing Liberty.If you are looking for a hot new movie, with a good story line, this is not it. However, if you are in the mood for just another teeny bopper girl flick, you will enjoy the familiarly sweet comedic romance. This movie is really just asking for a bad review, from the meager plot to the predictable characters, however, the film will probably be spared by devoted fans of Holmes. Truth be told, Holmes is not really given a chance to show any acting prowess in such a cutesy-trim role. Really this role could be played by any actress, and it would still flop with any other audience outside of the teeny boppers. First Daughter was not completely unbearable, but shows little potential at becoming a box office hit. It would best be viewed once it hits video