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Are you serious?

Steve Coyer | Wednesday, October 27, 2004

If this was your reaction after the infamously cursed Boston Red Sox advanced to the World Series, you’re not alone.Not only did the Red Sox advance to the World Series, they did it against the New York Yankees and after being down 0-3 in a best of seven series.No baseball team had ever come back from such a deficit and for the Red Sox to do it defied all odds. I could go on about the details of the monumental upset but you can find out about that in any sports page or on ESPN.com.So rather then tell you what happened to the Red Sox, I’m going to take a stab at explaining the bizarre phenomenon.My theory begins with a key assumption. It is that the Red Sox indeed are a cursed team. After trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees, the team has yet to win a World Series even after coming painfully close. The Red Sox still have to win the World Series to break the curse but this team has all the ingredients to shatter the curse forever.Where do I start? One of the keys to breaking the curse comes from a friend of Pedro Martinez. The Boston pitcher has been seen with a midget sidekick who Martinez believes has magical powers…apparently his little friend does. And what about Johnny Damon and his caveman long hair that has been a constant throughout the playoffs. Damon called the Red Sox a “bunch of idiots” and this characteristic has been vital to the team’s curse busting efforts.Besides being idiots, the Red Sox could also be characterized as lazy and not the most clean cut bunch. Manny Ramirez jogs to first on singles and Kevin Millar had a three inch long beard extending from his chin. Even their manager Terry Francona admits that team resembles a college fraternity.And this is the central point of my theory; the Red Sox aren’t serious. They are overcoming an 86 year old curse and defeating far more polished and professional teams (like the Yankees). Whether it is due to Pedro Martinez’s friend, the team’s unique facial hair, or simply a lack of seriousness, I can’t say, but I do know that whatever they are doing it has worked.Don’t get me wrong, the Red Sox are a very talented baseball team but their many quirks have given them an extra boost this season.And if said “are you serious?” while watching the Red Sox surprise the world, I think I know how the team might respond…No, we definitely are not serious.