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Don’t let hate influence votes

| Monday, October 4, 2004

A common response when someone is asked why they are voting for Sen. John Kerry is often “because I hate Bush.” The Democrat bitterness of losing last election is in full force as this election draws nearer. And frankly, as a Republican, it’s a little scary. Being Republican and a supporter of Bush, I have been the recipient of more than a few glares simply because I am associated with “him.”

Hatred frequently distorts a person’s outlook and blurs actualities. I am afraid that this is happening to a segment of the Democratic Party. Facts are disregarded simply because the hate is so strong. But, is it ever a good reason to do something out of hate? My response would be Hitler. Enough said. I also find myself wondering how many have actually asked themselves if Kerry is really suited for presidency, or if this thought is discarded along with the rest in the hostile Bush bash.

Kerry’s political ideology is often unclear and in a flux. In fact, I think his shining reviews from the debate stemmed from the fact that he was actually able to flip and not flop on some issues for a full ninety minutes. Impressive. But these evident flaws do not seem to matter. They don’t matter for a lot of people, because he is not Bush, and that makes it all okay.

Bush seems to be associated with death, and the only way to avoid death is to vote. Vote, vote, vote. It doesn’t matter who (although preferably Kerry), as long as it isn’t “him.” Voting is a right, and more people should vote, but with every right comes a responsibility. A responsibility to know what is at stake and what is going on beyond a superficial level. Michael Moore’s movie doesn’t count. I only hope that the ramifications of this hate and ignorance are not too severe, especially after Nov. 2.

Katie Shoultz


McCandless Hall

Oct. 4