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Fall Fashions

Emily Howald | Thursday, October 14, 2004

As the temperature in the Bend drops, it becomes time to store away the flip-flops, tanks and minis that we have all come to wear and love. Yes, boys, unfortunately this fall minis are out, and the essence of feminine frills is back in style. Trends for womenFor girls, the most common look for fall is tweed. Say it again … tweed, tweed and more tweed. Take note – remember tweed is a texture, and check is a pattern. It is the two combined that is the hot look for fall. Tailored tweed is the most popular look, found not only in jackets, coats and skirts, but also shoes and handbags. Shrunken blazers are already on sale at the local South Bend favorites (a.k.a. The Gap, Banana Republic and Abercrombie).To accompany the shrunken blazer, the look can be made more casual with a pair of narrow leg jeans, or it can be dressed up with a slim pencil skirt. The skirt is another key statement this fall, fashionable in any style and length. Keep in mind that although the knee length hem says classic, with a hip-hugging fit, the skirt is still sure to turn a few heads. Fur is returning to its previous glory with a plethora of options from which any fashionista may choose. Short fur jackets, long fur coats, fur-lined collars and hoods are expected to be seen in great abundance this fall and winter. Mink jackets and fox caplets are also expected to fill the streets (of New York, at least). Although these fur pieces may get costly, DKNY has some great deals and vintage is always a great alternative as well (to the environmentalists who are thinking about writing editorials, this is not an endorsement to buy fur). Another new trend for fall is the “bow coup.” As W stated, “the bows of fall were a variety of species. Bold and sexy at Dolce & Gabbana, witty at Moschino and heavily bow laden at Chloe.” This look, which has been inspired by Marc Jacob’s new line, as well as Louis Vuitton, features fitted sweaters with velvet ribbon bows as well as floppy wide bows à la the Seventies. Buy a few yards of ribbon and add a bow belt. You’ll be setting the trend. As far as colors go, do not be deceived by the common autumn colors. The lighter, girly colors will carry over from the summer in the form of camisole tops and sequined sweaters and shirts. Flirty skirts in more breezy colors, many with large patterned florals, are also carrying over into the fall. But be sure to uphold the fall fashion rule and not carry on the summer fashion styles for too long. Pink is the color of the season, from the softest shades to bright and hot pinks. Alternatively, black and white maintain their classic status. Lastly, and most importantly -accessories. Remember this fall that bigger and brighter are always better. A bright-colored bag adds instant excitement to any outfit. Do not be afraid to mix and match, because bright colors are a great accessory to enhance any outfit. Handbags are available this fall in a rainbow of colors from lime green to orange to pink.Matching is no longer necessary. Find a great bag in a color you like and just go with it.In regards to jewelry, big, chunky pieces that sparkle should be used to add flavor but avoid being excessive. Long, large earrings, bangle bracelets and large gems are popular this season. Estate jewelry is making a huge comeback, but the hottest trend this season is by far the addition of broaches to an outfit. Broaches add sparkle to nearly everything. They can be added to a shirt, a scarf, a hairstyle or a purse – they are by the far the greatest investment to add to a jewelry collection this season. Do not be afraid to cluster two or three pins together. Raid your great grandma’s jewelry box. There are treasures to be had! Now on to shoes, shoes and more shoes…Relax girls. The popular stiletto trend has finally begun to slow down, and fashionistas’ have decided to give women’s feet a break this season. Although high heels will always be popular, this season a thicker, squarer heel will definitely aid in alleviating some of the stresses of those mini-spikes that many women have come to loathe. Marc Jacob’s shoes are a perfect example of what to expect this season. A round-toe, accompanied by a square heal, in fun colors such as teal or red are great assets to complete an outfit. Watch for T-straps and ankle wraps, because both are great looks that can jazz up an outfit.Crocodile-embossed shoes are making a strong comeback, as are low flats. One of the greatest fads of the season is metallic shoes that add to the level of sparkle to an outfit. Boots in all colors, shapes and sizes are back yet again this season. Tall boots, low boots and everything in between are popular, and the material has deviated from just leather and suede to include stretch leather, rubber and fur. All in all, girls, just be yourself. Don’t be afraid to wear something that may stand out or draw attention. This season you don’t have to match. Select pieces that are fun and colorful and strut your stuff. Keep an open mind and parade what works. Remember what Cecil Beaton once said: “Fashions are ephemeral, but fashion is enduring.” Trends for menAs for the boys, while it is commonly known that most Notre Dame boys typically stick to the look of a button-down and jeans, with a few variations, one may want to consider some small additions this fall.Blazers, whether they are corduroy or suede, pinstripe or solid, are very popular this season. Wear the blazer with a hoody beneath (and yes, it can be Notre Dame, but solids also work) for casual yet sophisticated results. Banana Republic has numerous blazers that are stylish, but don’t stray too far from the casual and comfortable look that is common here in South Bend. Don’t be afraid to wear sweaters that have a higher collar, and then pop the collar for a look of extra relaxation, as well as added warmth. A very popular look this fall is the colorful striped button down shirt. Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger both have come out with numerous bright-colored combinations. Embrace these colors and have some fun with them. The slimmer, body conscious shirt is still the preference, but watch for the boxy, square look starting next year. Warm colors can also be found with the ever-popular little alligator, also known as Lacoste. The shirts are rivaled by those of the preppy designer Vineyards Vines. Both look great by themselves or layered on top of long-sleeve T-shirts. Tweed for men is nearly as popular as it is for women. However, men can casually throw on a tweed blazer with a comfy pair of cords and some loafers. Although tweed may sound a bit unusual, J. Crew and Polo both make very conservative and casual blazers that do not exceed the norms of the average Notre Dame male. Guys should also consider branching out in their footwear, and looking into wing-tipped shoes and buckskins, which are both becoming exceedingly popular this season. Oxfords and loafers are returning again for fall, as well as boots. The classic casual outdoor shoe remains popular, although instead of the usual Puma, old-school styles such as Asics and Adidas are gaining status. Men should not be afraid to accessorize, especially with trendy new watches that are quickly gaining notoriety. Both timepieces and wristwatches are becoming available in numerous styles that add a level of individuality. It is important to remember that although these new trends are popular this season, maintaining a level of comfort is most important. Those who are confident and comfortable in what they wear often can pull off the greatest and most unique looks, while maintaining a fashionable edge.Remember guys, in the words of the popular designer, Yves St. Laurent: “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”