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Heckling is to be expected

| Monday, October 4, 2004

Section T22, Row 1, Seat 9. That’s where I’ll be at the USC football game Nov. 27. And guess where that is? It’s the front row of the USC senior student section. And boy do I plan to get pummeled. Even females are not spared when seated in the student section at an opposing team’s stadium. However, I was not and will never be “outclassed.” Call me a football martyr, but there is a certain amount of abuse to be suffered, and dare I say expected, when attending an away game in a bright green shirt in the opposing side’s most hostile section. I learned this well, as many fans came back from Purdue’s game last year with bruises from, you guessed it, beer cans. I will be grateful to only receive a baptism via Coke at the USC game.

A certain amount of common sense is necessary to survive a game in the enemy territory unharmed and those who are not afforded it get sucked into the karmic circle. Though a few students at Notre Dame may have sunk to the level of offending or even harming Purdue students at this weekend’s game, I can assure everyone that it is not near the torture we suffer when traveling to other stadiums. To generalize Notre Dame by the actions of one hard guy is unfair. Furthermore, to say that other schools potentially outclass Notre Dame is unfounded. There is a certain amount of containment that goes with traveling that is sensible and polite. I’m sure USC will not want to hear me chanting “We are ND” as the number one football team in the nation faces being number two yet again.

Christine O’Reilly



Oct. 4