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Use more effective methods to persuade

Observer Viewpoint | Wednesday, October 13, 2004

In his Oct. 11 letter to the editor, Charlie Ebersol claims that the vandalism of the white crosses on South Quad is just another act of free expression. While the vandals were indeed expressing themselves, some forms of expression are simply unacceptable. If I am angry with my little brother, I can either tell him why I have a problem with him and try to work it out, or I can punch him in the face. Both are ways of expressing myself, but one is mature and appropriate while the other is never acceptable. If you are offended by the white crosses, write a letter to the editor or stand near the display with a sign expressing your opinion. Vandalism is not only immature and inappropriate; it is criminal. Therefore it should be condemned by all, regardless of personal beliefs regarding abortion.That said, I agree with Ebersol that the white crosses are ineffective and tactless. Ebersol’s example is more extreme than necessary for making his point, but it illustrates what is wrong with the Cemetery of the Innocents. Many women who have abortions regret their choice, and having to see the white crosses covering South Quad rubs salt into their emotional wound. I realize that the intent of the display is not to evoke feelings of guilt, but this is indisputably an effect of it. My suggestion to the Right to Life Club is this: instead of spending hours making a symbolic cemetery that won’t change a single mind, construct a single larger cross dedicated to the victims of abortion, both the aborted fetuses and the women who have been scarred by abortion. Then spend the time you save promoting and volunteering for organizations like the Women’s Care Center. The Women’s Care Center is a fine organization that shows women facing crisis pregnancies that they are not alone and that they have real alternatives to abortion. I’m sure that they will appreciate the extra help, and you will be doing infinitely more good than you do by covering South Quad with little white crosses.

Mike FreddosojuniorMorrissey ManorOct. 12