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Congrats, America

Megan O'Neil | Thursday, November 4, 2004

Congratulations America for re-electing George W. Bush.

Congratulations for returning a man to the White House who repeatedly promised to unite our nation but has only driven a stake through it’s middle.

Please, pat yourself on the back for basing your vote on deep moral values such as family and respect for human life. Never mind the fact that your candidate hopes to constitutionally deny a portion of our population the joy of creating a family of their own. Nor should you have worried that as governor of Texas he oversaw the termination of more life than in any other state.

Congratulations America on electing a man who does not believe that health care is a universal right. Your vote has all but assured that increasing numbers of people, already at a frightening level, will be forced to live without doctors’ visits and necessary medications.

Give me a high five for another term of fiscal responsibility in federal government. Now we count on a few extra bucks in our pocket accompanied by a huge budget deficit.

Thank you especially to my fellow young voters for their stellar turnout at the polls. Your engaged attitude is truly heartening. In 20 years we will have the privilege of bearing the billion dollar burden of social security.

Way to go on electing someone who believes the United States should lead by example. He truly showed that leadership when he opposed the Kyoto Protocol and later pealed back layer after layer of environmental protection laws in order to protect American economic interests.

Congratulations America on sending the right message to the world community. You have just placed your stamp of approval on the United States’ direction over the last four years. Clearly, we have been on the right path all along, even if it has been an isolationist and arrogant one. What an affirmation of the xenophobic American.

Congratulations voters, on re-electing a man for whom diplomacy equals militarism. The country has been granted another four years under someone who largely ignored the already existing violent conflicts in the world, and added to the mix two of his own.

Hurray indeed for choosing a man who promised the liberation of the Iraqi people and the securing of prolific amounts of dangerous weaponry. Our returning president did indeed lasso a dictator, but in his place rose heated violence and alarming American and Iraqi casualties.

Congratulations for supporting the candidate who has had four years to capture the head of Al-Queda but has failed to do so. Your vote has truly made this great nation a safer place, both home and abroad.

Congratulations America, you have made yourself proud.