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Let the Pride Week t-shirt go

| Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Though I am simply a former member of the Saint Mary’s community, and some may perhaps write me off in my opinion on this matter for that reason, I would just like to say that I find it ridiculous that there is such a negative reaction to the new Pride Week shirts on campus. One of the former shirts depicted the generic “girl” that is posted on bathroom doors nationwide. Does that girl represent me? Were they trying to say that I have to wear a skirt to be considered a woman? If I wanted to, I probably could have sought out an apology from Student Activities as well, since the shirt was so offensive in its lack of representing me as a person. But I did not do so. Why? Because I know in that common-sense part of my brain that the creators of the shirt were not trying to say that this symbol is how women really should look. It was thought to be a cute idea that would make a nice shirt at a women’s college. And that is all they have done this year as well.

That southern belle on the shirt, which is the actual mascot of Saint Mary’s College, is not meant to be a picture of every woman on campus. Is the photograph of a woman on the billboard for Saint Mary’s College along the Indiana toll road also offensive then? I happen to be Irish, and I do not believe the girl on the board shares my ethnicity. In the line of reasoning put forth by the people leading this campaign against the shirt, I should have been highly offended as a Saint Mary’s student. However, I was not. This type of argument taking place on Saint Mary’s campus is looking for a problem where there is no problem. The Pride Week shirt is simply depicting a pretty painting that looks nice on a shirt at a women’s college. If anyone needs a cause to fight for, there’s a war in Iraq you might have heard about. Let this one go.

Elizabeth Quinn


Badin Hall

Nov. 30