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Remember and respect SMC history

Observer Viewpoint | Sunday, November 21, 2004

On Thursday, Student Activities Board hosted a feedback session to address the issue of the recent Pride Week T-shirt. The shirt featured a woman and the words, “Women with Knowledge.” Like so many other issues, it has drawn the wrath of a few women for promoting the wrong stereotypes about Saint Mary’s women. It has also led to identity forums where women have gathered to discuss what exactly a SMC Chick really is. The ideas put forth varied from sluts to intelligent women with class. More recently, the debate has led to an attack on shirt colors, Saint Mary’s mascots, the French Cross and even the American Flag.

Needless to say, Saint Mary’s has a history as an elite women’s college. We are the Belles for a reason. To disregard this part of our history is destroying a part of who we are. Of course, there are a few stereotypes that I believe all of us would like to change, but within reason. The pride shirt says who we are – women with intelligence and represents the majority of the students here on campus. If you disagree with the shirt, you have the freedom not to buy one.

I do not support the effort to have these symbols of who we are removed. Like it or not, we are Americans in America. This is our country and we should be able to express our sense of national pride.

Just because not all of us are American does not mean that we should walk around on eggshells. We should respect their right to display national pride, and in turn, they should respect our right as well. Once again, if they disagree with the symbols on our gear, then they have the ability not to wear it.

Similarly, we are a catholic college, founded by sisters of the Church. As a student, you choose to come here and in making that choice, you agree to accept the things that are a part of our culture and identity. If you disagree with what makes us unique, go find a college or university that is so wrapped up in political correctness that they are willing to give up their history, culture, traditions and identity.

Taking these concepts out of student life jeopardizes our right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Cheryl Barker

Regina Hall


Nov. 18