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Wake up the echoes, er, Notre Dame

Observer Viewpoint | Tuesday, November 9, 2004

What is happening at the premiere Catholic university in this land? Has liberalism completely taken hold of my alma mater? You would think it was a national day of mourning after President George W. Bush’s re-election from reading the woe-is-me (and our country) Viewpoint letters.

It is telling that moral values played a major role in the outcome of the election. Not that the economy, healthcare, Iraq or other issues are not important. Certainly they are. However, the underlying message delivered by the voters is that morality, character and trust count for much more than the liberal media and Hollywood Left want America to believe.

The extreme left seems to buy into the notion that it is okay to hate, ridicule, scold and ostracize those who hold Christian beliefs, are pro-life and believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. To listen to the left you would think the rest of America was out of touch with reality when in fact the opposite is true. The only poll that mattered was the one delivered this past Tuesday by the electorate. The message was clear. Morality, marriage (between a man and a woman) and family values is what most Americans overwhelming favor. Bush and the Republicans by and large share these same values.

Which brings me to Notre Dame. This University was founded on Catholic teachings and principles. The teachings are clear regarding many moral issues. On the issue of abortion, for example, there is no gray area. Abortion is intrinsically evil. It is the killing of a defenseless life. As Catholics, it is our calling to protect the unborn. Sen. John Kerry, a self described Catholic, took the stance that he was personally against abortion, but would not impose his beliefs on others. This is a coward’s stance. As Catholics we owe no apologies to others regarding our beliefs on this issue of abortion. Only the Father in heaven has the right to give life and to take it away. Bush, to his credit, did not succumb or waffle.

Sadly I see Notre Dame – students, professors and yes, administration officials – as succumbing to secular ideology. I read many Viewpoint articles that seem to be out of touch with or critical of Catholic teaching. Being a Catholic in today’s world is not easy. We often are ridiculed for holding beliefs that are not accepted by pop culture. Jesus as much told his followers – from Jesus’ time to the present – when he said to them blessed are those who are rebuked, insulted and ridiculed for taking up my cross and following in my ways. For the Kingdom of Heaven will be yours.

As the Notre Dame family, and brothers and sisters of Christ, we need to ask ourselves: Are we helping to carry Jesus’ cross on the road to salvation, or our we conveniently turning our backs to it, watching as it fades away?

Orlando Rubiano


class of ’87

Nov. 8