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Tune in Thursday

Sofia Ballon | Friday, December 3, 2004

I love watching TV on Thursdays; it has become quite a routine. If possible I start at 7:30 p.m., watching “That 70s Show” on Fox, just waiting for “The O.C.” to begin. At eight o’clock it feels as if the entire campus is simultaneously watching the ‘it’ show of the moment, and I am one more of those O.C. fans.

The warm California weather, the infinity pool at the Cohen home, and the coffee bar at Harbor high are just some of the things that make Newport Beach so attractive. Of course there also are the day-to-day ordeals all the characters go through.

So many things have changed from last season, it’s unbelievable. Just to comment on last night’s show, why why why did Marissa get back with DJ the garden guy? All the former couples seem to be getting mixed up with new characters, and I can only approve of Summer and Zack. And don’t even get me started on how much I can’t stand Julie Cooper!

One can only take so much of high school drama though, so after “The O.C.” is over, I quickly switch to NBC and tune into “The Apprentice.”

This show really has me sitting at the edge of my seat! I always think, ‘What I would do if I were there, you know, competing with all these other very qualified people?’ Of reality TV, “The Apprentice” is the only show I can stand.

I acknowledge that the participants are selected according to their personality in order to cause some conflict between them – that will obviously provide for good ratings – but the fact they are competing in the business world gives it a sort of professional spin.

Plus, as a college student one can learn from The Apprentice how to take risks in future ventures and how to avoid being fired.

After “The Apprentice” it is a good time to get ready to go out, since weekends can always start early.

However, for those who’d rather lay low the rest of Thursday night the TV shows keep looking up. There’s “E.R.” and the excitement of a Chicago hospital, plus the subplots of the relationships between the characters.

Leno and Conan always seem to have great guests on Thursday nights. Yesterday there was Robert Downey, Jr., Jason Biggs and Alec Baldwin.

By now after all this TV, you should probably go to bed, I mean if you decided to stay in it means you probably had something to do this Friday morning.