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Are you committed?

| Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I am a graduate of both the law school (1998) and the Alliance for Catholic Education program (2004). I currently work as a seventh and eighth grade language arts teacher at Saint Anthony School in South Bend. Recently, while teaching the eighth graders an introduction to philosophy using the book “Sophie’s World,” I asked the students if they believed that the world could be better. They responded by saying “yes.” Yet, when I asked them what they were doing to show their commitment to a better world, they had no answers. They could easily state how they did things every day to show their commitment to sports, but they could not show their commitment to creating a better world. When asked what was more important, a better world or being better at a sport, they all immediately stated “a better world.”

After this discussion, we discussed a few ways in which they could show their commitment. Some of the students came up with the idea of “Kuddles for Kids,” a drive to receive donated stuffed animals to give to the children affected by the tsunami in Asia.

Lately, we have been discussing what others could do to show their commitment, and we came up with another idea. This idea involves you, the students at Notre Dame. What if you were all to give up going out for just one Saturday. What if instead of going out and spending your money on that one Saturday, you instead gave it to an organization that would distribute it to those in need (for instance, giving to an organization that helps those affected by the tsunami). Think of the amount you could raise in just one day!

It only takes one student at Notre Dame to be committed to this idea and pass that commitment on to others for it to grow exponentially. If you think about it, it really is a simple idea. one night given up to help others who really need it. Just imagine if the idea caught on at other campuses around the United States.

Just ask yourself if you are committed to a belief in a better world.

Heath Weaver


Class of 1998, 2004

Jan. 18