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B.A., B.S., M.R.S.?

Kelly Higgins | Tuesday, January 25, 2005

What is the first thing that a Saint Mary’s girl does when she wakes up in the morning? Puts her pants on and walks back to campus. What does a Saint Mary’s girl have that a Notre Dame girl doesn’t? A rejection letter.What a riot. These jokes came as quite a surprise to me. Before moving into Saint Mary’s, I did not know anyone who had ever attended. I did, however, know a few Notre Dame alums. In all of my discussions with them, Notre Dame’s distaste for Saint Mary’s girls never came up. They seemed just as proud as I was that I had chosen to attend a school like Saint Mary’s. In case you haven’t heard, Saint Mary’s is number one in its category. This means that we have a reputation for being a great school as well.My college search ended when I visited Saint Mary’s. No, I did not apply to Notre Dame and get rejected, therefore settling for Saint Mary’s. I choose this school without any consideration for Notre Dame.  All of us did not settle. I am confident that my education will prepare me in the best way possible to impact the world. Saint Mary’s has a number of great programs in which many Notre Dame students take part.Considering how wonderful Saint Mary’s is on its own, I needed no extra persuasion. Therefore, Notre Dame had no bearing on my decision to come to South Bend. This means that I am not looking for a husband, and my goal in life is not to get my M.R.S. degree.   I am not spending my time scouring Notre Dame for boys – I don’t want to steal them from you. It is also not my fault that we have a reputation, so please, when you hear I am from Saint Mary’s, guys, keep your smirks to yourself, and girls, keep your dirty looks as well. I am just looking to get a great education from a superb women’s college and have a good night every so often. I am not out to take anything from you.Although you may not be fond of me, I have respect for Notre Dame, its students and its traditions. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to take part in all that your campus has to offer, including The Observer and I love taking pictures so that everyone can see what is happening on my little campus across the street. I know many wonderful Notre Dame students, and I hope to know many more. So please, the next time my friends and I catch the “sluttle,” oops I mean shuttle – give us a chance. We are no different than you.