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Definitely worthy of a storming

Observer Viewpoint | Monday, January 31, 2005

In the inside column of Monday’s paper, Matt Lozar offered his opinion of Notre Dame’s win over the University of Connecticut – more specifically, his opinion of the court-rushing that followed the win. It was apparent by his statement, “I became disappointed to be a Notre Dame student” that he might not have liked it.

Lozar’s take on the situation was that field or court-rushing should be saved for a win that “defined the season,” using the examples of our last two home football meetings with Michigan and the previous upsets of Pittsburgh and Connecticut in basketball. In his estimation, this win did not fit into that category.

I am not here to attack Lozar personally or his opinion. He presents one idea on court-rushing; I just wanted to present another. There are plenty of people who thought the win was indeed big enough to warrant a celebration as a few hundred students stormed the court. Some people think this win may be the boost of confidence our team needed after two letdowns on the road and with a daunting stretch of games against the Big East’s best teams right in front of us.

At this point in our season, beating Connecticut was an “unbelievable win” for the program. We struggled from 3-point range but our big men played their best collective game of the year, doing so against one of the best frontcourts in the conference. In fact, this may indeed be a win that “defines our season.”

Lozar supports his case by pointing out the team members did not wait around for the students after the game. The JACC has a policy of letting the opposing team clear the court before letting the students on, delaying the rushing. Even after that delay, Torin Francis was still around long enough to be happily mobbed by some appreciative fans.

This event has little bearing in the big picture. However, if the show of energy and support from the students contributes in any small way to winning a game, then I say we rush the court more, not less. And that includes Boston College.

I understand the nearly unanimous attitude on campus toward that particular institution, and I fully agree with it – my hatred for Boston College started on the same day as my love for Notre Dame, on that infamous November day in 1993. But let us not pretend that going undefeated thus far in one of college basketball’s toughest conferences is an easy task. When their season’s momentum and their egos take a hit next week, let’s all be right there to comfort them … or say whatever else might come to mind.

Brian Tracy


Knott Hall

Jan. 31