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Far left out of touch with mainstream America

| Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Joseph Miller’s Jan. 24 letter to the editor “We need things to celebrate” shows just how out of touch the far left is with mainstream America. He and others like him still believe this election was stolen despite the fact that President George W. Bush was reelected with 51 percent of the national vote and beat Senator John Kerry by more than 3.3 million votes.

In Ohio, Bush won by more than a 100,000 votes. This is not the 2000 election which was a statistical tie and could possibly have been influenced by fraud, though I do not believe it was. There is no conceivable way fraud could have gotten the President 100,000 more votes than Kerry in Ohio and three million more nationally, despite Miller’s claim that “extensive high quality evidence suggests that had this vote suppression, vote fraud, etc. not occurred in Ohio, it is very likely that Ohio, and thus the presidency, would have gone to Kerry.” Of course he does not explain what this “high quality evidence” of vote fraud is, and that is because it doesn’t exist.

He claims that the information has been suppressed by the mainstream media especially Fox News which is allegedly “an extension of the administration.” A more accurate source of information according to Miller is Michael Moore. Anyone who believes that Michael Moore is less biased than the mainstream media is not living in the real world. The far left simply cannot accept the fact that they lost the election and that they are out of touch with mainstream America, much less the mainstream of even the Democratic Party. If the left persists this mantra of paranoid conspiracy theories, they will continue to see themselves losing elections and falling further away from ordinary Americans. The fact is Bush was reelected despite what Miller and radical organizations like the Peace Coalition and the Progressive Student Alliance which has a direct link to the Communist Party Website on their Website (I am not making this up) believe. Under a democratic constitutional government, we must accept the will of the people, and if we disagree, work to change it in four years. However, with this current rhetoric they will not be successful.

Rob Schrimpf


Stanford Hall

Jan. 25