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Farley Hall redecorates TLC style

Justin Tardiff | Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Inspired by The Learning Channel’s hit show Trading Spaces, Farley’s Finest decided to kick off their signature Pop Farley week with their very own, “Farley Hall Trading Spaces.” Each section was given a budget of $200 to decorate the other section’s bathroom on its floor, and the winner for the best renovation was announced Sunday at mass.Current sophomore Paige Hamilton suggested the idea at the end of last year as a way to bring the dorm together and make the bathrooms a little more decorative. “I got the idea when in the bathroom one day and realized how depressing they were,” Hamilton said. “I thought walking into a happy bathroom would make your day, and I thought it was something the girls could do together.” Sophomore Elizabeth Cuda, Farley’s dorm improvement commissioner, suggested the idea again this year at a hall council meeting. After dorm approval, rules and deadlines for the competition were set up. Each section had to submit their plans before the winter holiday, remain within the $200 budget, use only latex paint, complete a nice, neat job and cleanup its respective bathroom afterwards. The bathrooms hadn’t been painted in over 12 years and the dorm decided to tap into funds left by former resident Patti Kwiat, who was killed in the TWA flight 800 crash in July 1996, to spruce up their dorm.”People are used to exceeding academically and athletically, but this required a whole different set of skills,” Farley rectress Sister Carrine Etheridge said. “It was nice to give a vehicle for other people to express themselves.” Each section was given money before the Christmas holiday so they could take advantage of after Christmas sales and bring things back to campus with them. However, the budget was still one of the biggest challenges for the girls.”With only $200 to spend, a lot of energy went into price-comparison and thinking creatively,” resident assistant Allison Traynham, leader of the winning “Zen Sanctuary” bathroom, said. In true “Trading Spaces” style, the girls had to move out of their section bathrooms and were given from 6 p.m. Friday until 6 p.m. Sunday to complete the project.”I asked everyone to work a two-hour shift, but some of them put in over eight hours of time,” Traynham said. “With the right attitude, motivation and lots of planning, a project like this is going to be successful.” The event was concluded with an open house from 8 to 10 p.m. Sunday night where the girls could tour all of the bathrooms and enjoy food and refreshments. “The event seemed to really bring everyone together,” Cuda said.