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Feel the Magic

Mark Bemenderfer | Thursday, January 13, 2005

Did you ever have the urge to take on a stampede of raging bulls to impress a girl? If your answer is yes then your game has arrived.Perhaps the game to best utilize the touch screen capabilities of the Nintendo DS, “Feel the Magic” consists of a series of mini-games with the ultimate goal of impressing the desired girl. These mini-games range from pushing goldfish out of a persons stomach to swimming out of the belly of a snake to facing down the previously mentioned bulls. If it’s not already obvious, this game is pure craziness. The only game that compares would be “WarioWare Inc.” on the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. Like “WarioWare Inc.” this game is filled with highly addictive simple games that can be beaten within a couple of minutes. The games are nonsensical, as is the actual plot. For example, a scenario that occurs somewhat early in the game includes, after successfully wooing the girl, the hero asking the girl to lunch. However, during the date a scorpion truck drives by, accidentally releasing a few boxes of the little date-breakers. Instead of alerting the girl and interrupting the date, it is the player’s job to pick the scorpions off her body by using the touch screen while keeping her unaware. If the player misses a scorpion and pokes the girl she scolds you, causing a life to be lost.Filled with zany humor, “Feel the Magic” is great fun to play. As stated, this is the first game to fully utilize the Gameboy DS’s many capabilities. The touch screen is used frequently in the games, usually in the form of guiding some onscreen hero or object. The game also makes use of the built-in microphone. In one game players find themselves literally blowing into the microphone to propel a sailboat that will rescue a damsel in distress.Control-wise, the game is nearly flawless. Very few lives will be lost due to frustrating controls. Using the touch screen is very intuitive and extremely responsive, making the game easy to get into.However, the greatest asset of “Feel the Magic” can also be its downfall. Because the game consists of nothing but short diversions, there is little replayability. The game also lacks any real depth. Similar to a sugar rush, the initial experience is quite fun, but it inevitably leaves little to be desired.