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Health Services, Counseling Center plan for move

Katie Laird | Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Health Services and the Counseling Center will relocate in May from their current location near Lewis Hall to temporary housing while renovations occur during the summer. The Counseling Center will move permanently to the old post office while Health Services will temporarily go to the former security building.The current co-existence of Health Services and the Counseling Center in the same building made it easier for students to go to their referrals and to maintain confidentiality, said Anne Kleva, health services director. Both offices will be moved to separate buildings when renovation on the current Health Services building begins after May, she said. The Counseling Center will be moved to the old post office building, while Health Services will temporarily relocate to the old Security Building. While equipment and information are moved, Health Services will close for one to two weeks during the summer and move back into its old building after the renovation is completed in early August, said Kleva. “It is mandatory for us to close down for one to two weeks in order to move records, pharmacy. … This is the same amount of time as at Christmas break,” said Kleva. The separation of Health Services and the Counseling Center should not have a significant impact on either department’s service to students. “We are separate departments, we are just housed in the same building,” she said. Susan Steibe-Pasalich, director of the Counseling Center, said she is optimistic about the future changes. The Counseling Center’s temporary relocation to the old post office will make the department visible and easily accessible for students receiving treatment, Steibe-Pasalich said. Because the new space will be much smaller than the existing building, only essential materials will be moved to the temporary center. A potential problem for the relocation could be that students might be seen walking into the Counseling Center.”That remains to be seen,” she said Steibe-Pasalich. “It is a more obvious building. If students are seen … it’s obvious where they’re going.” However, she said the counseling center also offers numerous outreach programs and education groups for students to attend, in addition to counseling. “[Students] go to the counseling center for many reasons besides counseling,” said Kleva. Steibe-Pasalich said positive attitudes toward counseling would help students overcome the obstacle or fear of being seen walking to the Counseling Center. “This generation is much more open to counseling. It might mean that there is not as much concern on shamefulness. … We’re anticipating that students who need us will find us,” said Steibe-Pasalich. The move will be accompanied by marketing and publicity and support from professors, faculty and staff members, who often refer patients, said Steibe-Pasalich. . The new Health Services building will have up-to-date furnishings and equipment, including capabilities to handle the newest technology, Kleva said. The staff will be working with various committees to plan the move. [email protected]