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Bengal Bouts: Boxing continues in second night at the JACC

Fowler, Ken | Wednesday, March 2, 2005

In the first match of the night, freshman Mike “Tyson” Thompson proved worthy of his name, beating senior Andrew “The Mizzou Liger (bred for its skills in magic)” Hronick by unanimous decision. Although Hronick was much more mobile in the first and second rounds, Thomas took over the contest in the third. “Tyson” was able to pin him against the ropes a total of three times, landing a devastating series of rights and lefts to solidify his win.

Patrick “No Tomorrow” McMorrow, a senior from O’Neill, fought in the next bout with a sense of urgency and quickly disposed of Siegfried sophomore Nate Dyer.

Just 1:15 into the fight, McMorrow landed a punishing right hook that drew blood from Dyer.

After a 10-count, the referee stopped the contest, known as an RSC, and declared McMorrow the winner.

The third match of the 165-pound weight class pitted Damon Semmens against off-campus senior Chase “You around the ring” Heaton.

After a slow start, Heaton began pounding away at Semmens and eventually won by unanimous decision.

He knocked the law student to the canvas in the second and offered several strong jabs to the head in the third.

Following the Heaton-Semmens contests, Jeff “Million” Robinson and Chris “The Count of Monte Fisto” Million gave the fans a display of power jabs hooks.

Robinson got off to a good start, connecting on several combinations, but Million came back with a strong second round.

Million won by RSC 40 seconds into the third round with a tremendous left-handed coup de grace.

Headshots and combinations exemplified the fifth and final 165-pound match-up of the night. Jeff “The Spuz Stud” Schaal won a unanimous decision over Aaron “Glass Jaw” Ferenbach thanks to his powerful rights.


Apparently, the trainers forgot to tell the first two sets of competitors in the 170-pound weight class about the prohibition of wrestling-style takedowns.

And, apparently, the judges seemed to be fine with that.

To begin the 170-pound contests, Alumni freshman Jon “The Sanitizer” Floyd battled against Tom “Loves the Nugget” Digan.

The match was full of fast-paced shots and returns, and it ended on exactly that note.

With just seconds remaining in the third, Digan accidentally face-planted Floyd after a bear hug ended a heavy exchange.

Digan was not punished, however, winning the bout in a split decision.

In the second match of the class, Brad “Ba Ba Black Sheep” Wanchulak became the second boxer to win after illegally taking down his opponent.

After dominating Adam “Alpha Fox” Frisch for two-plus rounds, Wanchulak appeared to lose his balance during a hug, in the process accomplishing a powerful full-body takedown Frisch.

When the match resumed, “Ba Ba Black Sheep” continued his dominance and won with a unanimous decision.

Matt “Touch Me and I’ll Sue” Smith followed that performance with a takedown of his own.

He defeated Tripp “Dirty Jersey” Matteo in a RSC 1:15 into the match after a series of headshots disoriented Matteo.

Although that contest was quick, the next match took even less time to complete.

Andrew “Down Goes Frazier” Breslin knocked down and defeated Mike “The Irish Curse” Sullivan just 60 seconds after the starting bell rang.

Two freshmen then ended the streak of quick fights, battling in a long bout, stopped several times due to blood.

Fisher Hall’s Ben O’Brien drew first blood at the end of the opening round, landing a right to the face of Chris “That Guy” Hippleheuser at the end of the period.

Hippleheuser returned the favor several times over in the second, drilling O’Brien in the nose so many times that the referee had to suspend the match three times in the round.

In the delayed third round, O’Brien found new life late, connecting with several right-left combinations and nearly knocking Hippleheuser to the floor.

However, Hippleheuser’s dominance in the first two rounds earned him a unanimous win.

In the sixth 170-pound bout, Dan “Pound Town” Ward landed eight right-left combinations in the second and defeated Brian “Slacks” Murphy by RSC with a left to the face 52 seconds into the third.

The 170-pound matches ended with off-campus senior Craig Thompson beating law student Eric Silva by unanimous decision.

Silva landed several punches in the second, but Thompson’s attack of speed and power overwhelmed him.