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BENGAL BOUTS: Quarters fights completed

Ryan Kiefer | Friday, March 4, 2005

An exciting night of Bengal Bouts quarterfinal action opened with the 126 lb. weight class and a leadoff fight featuring junior Peter Sarpong and sophomore Sager Navere. Sarpong gained the upper hand late using his left jab and right hook to land shots to Navere’s body and head, opening a gash late in the third round. Sarpong was able to block a majority of Navere’s punches, giving him the split decision win. In one of the most dominating performances of the evening, Freshman Steve Buchanan needed only 1:10 to take out freshman Nate Serazin. Combinations of left jabs and right hooks sent Serazin to the canvas early, and a succession of punches later sent him staggering to the corner. After hitting the canvas a second time with blood drawn from his face, Serazin was not allowed to continue, ending the shortest fight of the night. 130 lb.Senior Jon Valenzuela established himself early in his bout against Senior Joshua Odelson, connecting with a left to the body followed by a right to the face that scored him points early. A combination later in the round followed by numerous shots to the body put Valenzuela in control. Odelson responded in the second round, landing a left to Valenzuela’s face that drew blood, and was able to force him to the ropes. Fatigue set in late in the fight as both fighters failed to connect with any substantial blows in the third. Valenzuela’s strength early gave him the unanimous decision.In a hotly contested battle, graduate student Dymytro “Fun Size” Aponte was victorious over freshman James Carlson in a split decision. Carlson went on the defensive in the second trying to tie up Dymytro, and eventually sneaking a combination. The fighters traded combinations in the third, with Dymytro’s right-left-right sequence giving him the win. Thomas Goldrick used a textbook fighting style to emerge victorious in unanimous fashion over fellow sophomore George Hay. Goldrick’s repeated use of a left jab followed by a straight right scored him the hits necessary to take control. From there, he used his agility and quickness to avoid hits from Hay. In a battle of nicknames, senior Robert “Shoeless” Maher was defeated by senior Michael “A Reading from the Book of the Prophet” Feduska. Feduska was able to land high-low combinations. Feduska’s combination of left jabs and straight rights landed several punches, one opening a wound on Maher’s head. Feduska wore out Maher and moved into the semifinals. 140 lb. Sophomore Andrew McGill defeated freshman Lawrence “Sully” Sullivan by unanimous decision. After a series of straight rights to the head followed by a left uppercut, McGill used his jab to seat up a powerful right. A right landed in the second that left Sullivan grabbing his shoulder. Despite a valiant effort in the third, “Sully” could not overcome the strength of McGill, eventually losing his mouthpiece, and later, the match.Junior Mike McCann took out senior Timothy “The Irish Frenzy” McKenzie at 1:40 into the second round. McCann put McKenzie on his heals early, using a right jab, left, then right uppercut combination to send McKenzie to the canvas early. A similar combination in the second sent McKenzie to a knee, forcing the referee to stop the fight. A fast-paced bout saw junior Will “The Thrill” Bezouska defeat sophomore John “Brave Little Toaster” Cycon by unanimous decision. Bezouska drew blood from Cycon in the first round with a left and used his left jab throughout the fight to control the action. “The Thrill” used his patented left to open the cut several times, overcoming a courageous effort from Cycon.A close fight saw sophomore Michael Hennig defeat senior Jon “I Wouldn’t Want to Fight Me Either” Streit by a split decision. Streit avoided damage in the first round despite being driven into the corner twice early. Hennig saw a greater percentage of his punches land in the second, especially toward the end of the round. Hennig’s left-right-left combination sealed his victory early in the third. 150 lb. Nathan “The Bonzai Kitten” Lohmyer defeated Patrick O’Brien in a unanimous decision. Lohmyer’s experience was evident as he used his left jab to set up rights to the body and head. A punishing right hook late sealed the decision for Lohmyer.Lohmyer’s semifinal opponent will be Clayton “The Texas Tickler” Lougee after the sophomore scored a split decision victory over sophomore Zachary Jara. In a match that featured solid punching sequences on both sides, Lougee’s ability to set up his right was the difference as he sealed the win with a left-right combination in the third.Sophomore Jordan Runge advanced to the semis on the heals of a dominate victory over graduate student Guillermo Tijerina. Runge attacked early, using a jab combination to back Tijerna against the ropes, forcing the referee to intervene. A big right 12 seconds into the second left Tijerna dazed and unable to answer the 10 count, giving Runge the win.Runge will face senior Tim Huml in the semifinals after Huml defeated sophomore Brian Tyrrell in a unanimous decision. After being knocked down early in the first following a right-left combination from Tyrell, Huml methodically took control of the bout. He used a four-punch combination to assert himself followed by a huge right that sent Tyrrell flying to the canvas. The fighters traded big punches in the third, leaving both bloody, but Huml victorious following a decisive four punch combination just before the bell. 155 lb.The opening match at the 155 lb. level saw sophomore Bryan Grissinger come out firing in a attempt to knock off senior Mike Panzica. Grissinger landed several punches early, but the more experienced Panzica weathered the storm, taking control late in the second. With Grissinger tired, Panzica seized the opportunity, landing a right-left combination that knocked down Grissinger and gave Panzica a unanimous decision.In a similar bout, graduate student Brian Weldon defeated sophomore Stephen “Wiggles” Hutchings in a unanimous decision. Hutchings’s punches had Weldon on the run early, but Weldon responded with right-left combinations that backed Hutchings into a corner twice in the third round. Sophomore Chris Calderone advanced by defeating Paul Hagan, driving the junior into the corner early with a left jab followed by a right. Calderone had Hagan against the ropes in the second as well, using a similar combination. Though he was unable to land the uppercut, it put Hagan on the defensive and allowed for Calderone’s unanimous win. Behind a large fan base, senior Galen Loughrey was victorious over Mike Rooney. Rooney was active early, using his jab effectively and responding to blows to the head with a flurry of punches. The match took a decisive turn when Loughrey opened a cut on Rooney’s head during a left-right combination at the end of the second. Loughrey continually opened this cut in the third and used his powerful punches to emerge victorious.