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Thanks for nothing

Kevin Rycyna | Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Like many of the other students on this campus, you could say that I’m a cradle domer. I have been coming to football games for as long as I can remember, and this was the only school I applied to out of high school. And so it is with great frustration that I write this letter, for I am still in disbelief that this one place I loved so much has let me down so often. The graduating class of 2005 has arguably gone through four of the worst years at Notre Dame. We have seen the alcohol policy changed simply for publicity sake, the dorms we loved so much had their greatest traditions ripped away (SYRs and the like), tuition has increased at an alarming rate, seniors have been kicked out of football games for throwing marshmallows, tailgating has been destroyed as we know it … the list goes on and on. Let’s face it, we are the first class to go through Notre Dame’s new “No Fun Policy.” The bottom line is that the University couldn’t care less about how their actions affect student life. And up until now, I’ve been able to deal with it.

However, when I read in yesterday’s paper that the golden dome, the symbol of this school, was going to be hidden by scaffolds during our graduation, that was the last straw. Some of you may disagree with my earlier complaints, but this one is felt by all of us. You’re telling me that this precious regilding can’t be done between May 16 and September? Are you, the University, seriously going to claim that there aren’t enough “dry and windless” days between those two dates? Because that would be absurd. Something must be done about this. I just want to say thanks, administration. Thanks for destroying our ability to take great family pictures on one of the most important days of our lives. Thanks for not caring about the student body again. Thanks for nothing.

Kevin Rycyna



March 15