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Retain professor

Justin Tardiff | Monday, April 25, 2005

I have found in my almost 14 years of studies that the greatest teachers are those who put the students first. The professors that work tirelessly day in and day out are the indispensable ones; they are the ones that I remember. I remember my accounting professor who I am on a first name basis with. I remember my professor of Russian Literature from freshmen year because I’ve been to his home. When I think of Notre Dame I think of these people. They are the ones that keep this institution headed in the right direction. I will remember my finance professor because of his unmistakable teaching style and sense of humor. Unfortunately in this case it has a literal meaning. This is the last semester he will be teaching at this University because of reasons out of his control. It is my hope that perhaps this column will help the powers that be come to their senses and bring this man back.To the powers that be at Notre Dame,How is it possible that you could let one of the finest finance professors at this University leave? You are pointing this school in the wrong direction when you fail to renew the contract of Professor Hans. G. Heidle. I cannot believe that the powers that would be would let a diamond in the rough slip away while we retain some other ineffective professors who, for the most part, seem like they would rather be doing something else. Ask any business major and I guarantee that he or she could name at least one course where the professor was impossible to understand. I have been privileged to have Professor Heidle as my professor for Finance 251. The man has an immense passion for what he does and he inspires his students to do incredible amounts of work with fervor. I have never enjoyed working so hard in a class. The man deserves recognition and a much-deserved thank you from his colleagues and his peers. Instead, he will get the cold shoulder from this so-called institution of higher learning. Tomorrow, Professor Heidle will teach his three sections of Finance and at the end of each one there will be applause and a standing ovation. We will salute a man who pushed us helped us, mentored us, entertained us and taught us. I will shake the hand of one of the best teachers I have had at this University. Will you do the same? We cannot let such a valuable asset to this school leave because of the bottom line or whatever reason the powers at be will give. Renew the man’s contract and keep this school going in the right direction. Do it for the people who afforded you the opportunities to be where you are, do it for the students who pay $40,000 a year, do it for Notre Dame.”A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.”-Author unknown