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A shirt solution

Letter to the Editor | Friday, September 23, 2005

After reading the endless stream of letters that have flooded the pages of The Observer over the last several weeks concerning the color of The Shirt, we feel that most students have come to realize that this nagging debate is a thorn that will never leave our sides.

We have turned to the Viewpoint section week after week looking for a letter to propose a satisfactory solution to this problem that can appease all sides, and yet, all we find is constant bickering over which color is better without anyone providing any possible solutions.

This letter hopes to provide a final answer that can resolve the conflict that currently plagues our student body. Our answer, we will admit, is a little ridiculous, but at least it is an attempt to appease both sides, The Shirt lovers and detesters. It will allow for continued sales of the new Shirt, which go to worthwhile causes, and it will allow the student body to keep their sense of unity during games. In addition, it will permit those who hate The Shirt to have their turn to express their distaste without causing the student body to look like a kaleidoscope of colors, while potentially starting a new tradition that will be unique to our University so we will no longer have to worry about appearing like our hated enemies.

Now that the benefits of the plan have laid a foundation for our proposal, we would now like to present our idea to the student body. We feel that before students leave for the game on a Saturday afternoon they should wear two shirts, the new yellow Shirt overtop of a green one. Now, for the first half, we will be a student body united under “the color of the dome.”

When the band comes out on the field to play for halftime, we all then proceed to break out of our golden shells and expose the sea of green. This will be the color for the second half, and it will keep the student body in one uniform color while allowing Shirt detesters to have their chance to express their anger at the ugliness of this year’s shirt. Even though this may seem like a completely asinine proposal, it will prevent us from looking like a discombobulated mess on national television, instead of one student body that is united behind its team. This solution will end the debate over The Shirt by allowing both colors a chance to shine, while achieving the true purpose of the Shirt, which is to express our unity as a student body.

In the end, this idea may seem a bit farfetched and more of a whimsical approach to the matter, but you’d have to admit it’d be pretty sweet.

Jake BadkeJosh Ensell sophomoresMorrissey HallSept. 22