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Don’t blame the Legion

Letter to the Editor | Friday, September 9, 2005

Don’t blame the Legion for the word “sucks”

I must really be bored here in Alabama, where I am working for the ACE program, because I’m actually taking the time to respond to what someone said about the Leprechaun Legion. However, I was looking through The Observer Web site today, to remember how much fun college was, when I ran across some comments from Kelly Jordan, a Faculty Senate Committee Member.

Jordan said he didn’t like the vulgarity of the Legion, especially when the section says the dreaded “S” word during opposing player introductions. When a player is announced for the opposing team, students have yelled “Sucks” loudly. I was never one of those people, although I still don’t get how students are allowed to yell “Kill” during football cheers, but can’t say “sucks” at any time. Ever.

Either way, I spent a lot of time helping to create and sustain the Legion, so I figured I’d help Jordan understand some of the facts about the Legion. First, the “Sucks” cheer was here years before the Legion arrived. We started the Legion during the middle of the 2002 season and students were already yelling “sucks.” So, please don’t blame the Legion for conceiving this jeer.

Second, we actually have worked with sports promotions to have students refrain from yelling the word. We have brought newspapers to most games in hopes that students wouldn’t yell that word. However, it’s hard to control 3,000 students. Despite the difficult odds, we felt at the end of last season, many students were beginning to stop chanting the “S” word.

Third, if you didn’t know, Mr. Jordan, the Legion donated almost $3,000 to Coaches vs. Cancer last season, thanks to our public shirt sales which reached more than 2,800 shirts. This season, the new president expects to sell more shirts and therefore give more money to charity. We also kept zero dollars from our sales.

So I can understand that you don’t want your child to hear the word “sucks.” At the same time, it’s not fair of you to accuse the Legion of starting or trying to continue such behavior. Frankly, it’s not our fault. Instead of being a hazard at Notre Dame basketball games, the Legion has raised money for charity while helping to give the Irish a home court advantage. So please understand the facts before you bash someone or something else.

The author of this letter was Assistant Manag-ing Editor of The Observer from 2004-05.

Joe Hettleralumnusclass of ’05Sept. 8