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Embarassing moments

Meehan, Kelly | Wednesday, September 7, 2005

We all do stupid things. Things that make us cringe, cry or even want to curl up and die. Sometimes we do these things with the best of intentions, other times they are embarrassing accidents, and on occasion these incidents may be the result of the consumption of too much alcohol.

Take for example a friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, who had my house number stored in her phone instead of my cell phone. Just today she called me wanting to meet up for dinner. Thinking it was me who answered, she yelled, “Hey girrrrl! Where you at?” On the other end was my unsuspecting mother who responded by saying. “Excuse me?” My friend immediately realized her error when my mom informed her that I was at indeed not at home, but instead at college.

Another friend of mine was in a rush the other day to visit her crush. While getting ready she was rather indecisive in what shoes to wear. While hanging out with some friends in her crush’s dorm room, someone pointed out that in her rush to get ready she had put on two completely different sandals and had not noticed her fashion blunder the entire night.

I have laughed hysterically at a friend who performed an entire choreographed dance to the song “Getting’ Low” playing loudly from a nearby car in Main Circle after having too many drinks on her birthday.

Some embarrassing moments are more common than others. We have all seen someone completely wipe out on ice while rushing to class during the winter, talk badly about someone who is in the same room as them or drop their tray in the dining hall.

I have seen a friend run his head completely into a street sign while walking down the sidewalk in Rome, I have cringed when wind has gotten the best of a girl’s loose fitting skirt and been witness to many incidents happening due to mistaken identity.

We all performed these crazy, ridiculous and absurd actions during some point in our life. It is best to just laugh it off and realize your friends will stop talking about it someday. So stand strong and support your friends after they embarrass themselves – because that has been or will be you at some point. Just remember you have given plenty of people something to laugh about.

Oh, and I guess I have failed to mention anything embarrassing that I have done. Well, trust me I have done plenty of stupid things – some I regret, others not so much. If you would like to know the details, I guess you will just have to ask my friends.