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Fan behavior unforgivable

Observer Viewpoint | Monday, September 19, 2005

Recent complaints in The Observer about classless fan activity at football games have raised awareness of this important issue in our student body. While we personally hope the recent letters to Viewpoint have eradicated classless fan activity at Notre Dame, the same result cannot be expected from Michigan State students. We were stunned by the classless actions of Michigan State fans at Saturday’s game, and we write this letter in the sincere hope that both schools may avoid similar incidents in the future.

A number of disgusting and insulting occurrences happened to us between 2:30 and 7:00 p.m., beginning with the halftime show. During their performance, the Michigan State marching band ended with Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ On a Prayer.’ After Frosh-O and years of SYRs, this classic hit song is a part of our school’s heritage and it nauseates us to hear it appropriated by another school. Classless.

Second, the Michigan State Spartan mascot had the unmitigated gall to approach our student section and gesture with his hands while facing Notre Dame fans. Some may call this waving, but we call it offensive. A good friend of ours suffered the affront of seeing the Spartan ‘wave’ to him. Should we be expected to tolerate this insult? Classless.

Third, after the game an out-of-control Michigan State fan walked up to our group of friends. He told us that we played a good game. We all know what that really meant. Once again, classless.

Finally (and this is the real closer on the deal) Michigan State defeated us at home. We cannot believe that any team would be so egregiously rude as to actually win against the Irish in Notre Dame Stadium. Plenty of teams with great, friendly fans (like Navy for example) have the common courtesy to lose to us when playing against us at home. While we held out hope that Michigan State had improved over our last few experiences with them at home, we were sadly disappointed. Get some class, Michigan State.

Jonathan KlinglerFrank LaskiChris VierigjuniorsKeenan HallSept. 17