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Lost’ On Campus

Sean Sweany | Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Everything happens for a reason.

For fans of the television show “Lost,” some of those reasons will become clearer tonight during the Season two premiere on ABC at 8 p.m. Thanks to the success of the first season and the fact that nearly all the mysteries of the show remain unresolved, ABC decided to greenlight a second season of the suspense/action drama.

Viewers across the country and campus will tune in anxiously to dive back into the captivating and supernatural story of the island and its inhabitants.

While “Lost” is not as ingrained in campus pop culture as “The O.C.,” it has a large group of fans and fanatics at Notre Dame. Some fans, like senior Katie Rossi, have been watching since the very beginning.

“It’s really different from everything else you see on TV,” Rossi said. “Lost” really is quite unlike other shows on television since the mystery is not about murders or legal cases, but the island and castaways.

Plot twists and even double twists are the name of the game in “Lost” and help keep the show unpredictable and fresh each week. Sophomore Zach El-Sawaf has also been watching the show for a long time and enjoys this complexity, along with the show’s acting and writing.

“Things happen at every turn that are unexpected, but not what you would least expect to happen,” said El-Sawaf.

The unexpected yet believable nature of the show makes it hard for fans to guess what will happen next – but also fun to try. Producers remain tight-lipped about what will transpire, but they promise the show will continue the plot twists in the second season. Hundreds of fan Web sites sprang up across the internet even before the pilot episode aired last fall trying to figure out all the clues about the island and the characters. The most popular topics “Lost” fans like to theorize about appear to be the hatch, the mysterious beast on the island and John Locke.

Many people have no idea what is inside the hatch, while guesses for the monster range from “voodoo spirit” to what sophomore Manpreet Sakaria calls a “mental construction from the fear of the castaways.”

Most people agree that John Locke, who was paraplegic before crashing on the island, may be the sanest of any of the survivors even though he externally appears to be a crazy man of faith. A more recent fan of the show, junior Michael Spond, ventures only one guess about the whole second season.

“I can assure you that more people will die,” Spond said.

Few people know what will happen on the island when we rejoin the castaways later tonight, but the Internet will undoubtedly come alive once again with speculation about season two. Exactly what is at the bottom of the hatch? What will become of the men on the raft after it has been destroyed? Will Kate finally get together with Jack? Who are “the Others” on the island? Will the dreaded monster finally reveal itself? Will these poor people ever get off the island?

For those eager to learn a hint, several people will make a trip to the bottom of the hatch in the first episode, and in the possibility more castaways may be added to the group soon, the original survivors of Oceanic flight 815 will discover they are not the survivors they thought they were.

No matter what happens, “Lost” fans can rejoice in the arrival of a new season and try to find a comfortable spot on the edge of the nearest chair.