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Not in my backyard

Observer Viewpoint | Monday, October 31, 2005

The reported reaction of the current Student Body President to the eviction notices received by students deemed responsible for hosting a gathering that led to 100 police citations for underage drinking falls far short of adult standards of common sense.

The claim that Notre Dame students need two chances to learn that providing (cheap or even free) alcohol to (a very large number of) minors is against the law, and that law-breaking on the premises is a lease breaker for any responsible landlord, is incredible.

The claim that South Bend has in loco parentis responsibilities for students some of whom have chosen to live in South Bend specifically to avoid on-campus scrutiny of alcohol consumption beggars the imagination. Why would anyone but a student body sycophant say that?

But the further suggestion (by a student leader?) that the likely student response to the eviction notices sent by the management of Turtle Creek Apartments will be to abandon that venue in search of more tolerant landlords chills the blood. I hope there are no such landlords in the South Bend neighborhoods where five of my grandchildren are growing toward responsible adulthood. In truth, I hope there are no such landlords anywhere in my adopted hometown.

Ed Manieralumnusclass of 1953Oct. 27