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Remarks Insulting

Observer Viewpoint | Monday, October 31, 2005

I would just like to say that in response to the article, “Baron wants better ND-city relations” in the Observer on Oct. 27, I am absolutely appalled at the statements quoted in the paper by a few of the ND students. These students referred to people in the South Bend community as being “uneducated, low-aspiring, low-achieving.” This is absolutely insulting behavior and these quotes reflect more than just a few students’ views from what I have experienced. Who are these students to make huge, inaccurate assumptions about the people in this city? By making these assumptions, students not only insult every single person who works here at the University besides professors, but they also insult students who attend Notre Dame with any amount of financial aid. It is a direct slap in hard-working peoples’ faces. It is incredible to me how students who attend one of the leading universities in this country could be that unintelligent and that lacking in any sort of common respect and class. Just because people may not have the amount of money as a lot of the students here does not mean in any possible way that these people they don’t work just as hard as any student, if not more hard, on this campus. The problem with the relations between ND and the South Bend Community rests on the University’s students. What kind of change do the students expect to be able to make in this world if they can’t even respect the people who help Notre Dame work? How do they think they’ll succeed in life if they can’t get along with anyone who isn’t on their income level or who have the same “class?” It is even more disturbing to hear these types of sentiments being made because this is a predominantly Catholic university. I am truly embarrassed for Notre Dame and for the entire student body.

Frances Clare ThunderfreshmanMcGlinnOct. 27