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Content of comic is questionable

Observer Viewpoint | Wednesday, November 9, 2005

I am amazed that, given the prominence of The Observer recently, people haven’t noticed the comics offered on the last page. Recently, I have found that Jockular is particularly offensive to both myself and those with whom I work. Kimberly Baker submitted a letter [Nov. 1] about its position on women. Not only have I taken offense at those comics, I have also taken offense at Monday’s comic about the white crosses.

Alec White, a junior, and Erik Powers, a senior, were both students last year during the outrage that ensued following the destruction of the crosses. I fail to see how a comic depicting the burning of the crosses (misinterpreted as “T”s) and the tasteless remark “I think the Keebler Elves have joined the Klan!” can be funny. Abortion, as is evident, is a very sensitive issue, and race relations, as is also evident, is not much “safer” for the content of a comic strip. As a Catholic, I was offended by the lack of respect given to the cross, and as a human being I was offended by the lack of respect for a differing view on an issue so serious as abortion. Furthermore, I am amazed that a newspaper serving a Catholic community would publish a comic such as Jockular, especially as humor, because of its morally questionable content. I am also surprised that the artists, despite outcry by members of the community, have continued to produce baseless comics that are, at best, ill-suited for print media, and (sometimes) offensive. Never before have I seen faith taken so lightly. Maybe it is a lesson that the authors need to learn before taking another entertainment position.

Dustin VanHandorfjuniorStanford HallNov. 8