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I hope, I fear, I pray

Letter to the Editor | Friday, November 4, 2005

I hope that the abortion crosses that are currently on South Quad were put there for the right reasons. I hope that the people who decided to put those crosses on South Quad did so because they feel that God is calling them to work to fix this societal injustice.

I hope that those activists really do care about all those unborn children that the crosses represent. I hope that those who are responsible for the cross demonstration really do hope for the forgiveness of every woman that had and will have an abortion. I hope that those people who put those crosses on our public space performed that brave act so that more abortions in the future can be avoided. I hope that these crosses had nothing to do with politics.

I hope that those same people who are against abortion are the same people who are for increased funding for sexual education in our public schools. I hope that those same people who put down those crosses are also promoting programs for pregnant mothers in our public schools.

I hope that those same anti-abortion activists are for a broader social safety net in America, so that every child born in this country can have access to health care. I hope that these activists care just as much about an aborted child as they do about a child who has to live in a neighborhood where the best he can hope for is to become a gang member.

I hope that these activists yearn for justice in every stage of life from conception to death. I hope that these activists care just as much about abortion as they do about capital punishment in America. I hope that these activists will have another demonstration for the 2,000 soldiers who have died in Iraq, not to mention the 110,000 deceased Iraqi civilians. I hope that these activists are champions for all of those who can’t speak in America, not only those who are unborn.

I fear that this abortion demonstration was a stunt. I fear that it was done at this time so that everyone who comes the football game on Saturday will see it.

I fear that these same students who made these crosses are against sex education in American public schools. I fear that these activists are the same people who are against government assistance to poor Americans. I fear that these demonstrators do not equally care about capital punishment, war and a just economic system.

I fear that these demonstrators were influenced by a corrupt American Catholic Church. I fear that the Catholic Church in America intentionally focuses on abortion more than other equally important issues. I fear that the Catholic Church does this for corrupt reasons. I fear that the reasoning behind why the Catholic Church told politicians who supported abortion in the 2004 elections that they could not participate in the sacrament of Holy Communion was not genuine. I fear that the Church excluded these Catholics for monetary reasons. I fear that the Catholic Church, facing a decline in funds due to the child abuse scandal, came up with a plan to get donations back to a normal level. I fear that the “Church targeted their biggest donors, mostly conservative, Republican-voting Catholics, by promoting their political party from the pulpit.

I fear that if Democrats happened to be the biggest donors to the Church, then a politician who voted for capital punishment or the war in Iraq would not have been allowed to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion.

I fear that we, Catholics, are all too blind to reality to realize what is happening right before our eyes. I fear that in America the only thing more corrupt than politics is religion. I fear that things will never change unless we take our Church back. I fear that we will allow these awful acts to continue.

I pray for the courage of every Notre Dame student to fight to change this injustice.

James DubrayfreshmanDillon HallNov. 4