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Make the ‘C’

Observer Viewpoint | Thursday, November 17, 2005

I want to respond to the letter yesterday about doing Ws for Weis [It should be a ‘W’, Nov. 16]. First, before I get to that I would like to rebuke the wave phenomenon. John Wrenn claimed that doing the wave shows “that everyone in the stadium cares about what is going on, is paying attention,” and the wave doesn’t show that at all. When people are doing the wave all they are paying attention to is the fans and not what is going on on the field. When Quinn threw the interception during the wave, half the people around me were still cheering at the wave going on across the field. But I digress. Back to the point. People debated for way too long about the green shirt being a symbol of Willingham’s era and no, that’s not why seniors didn’t buy them. The old green shirts just aren’t as bad as the new ugly yellow shirt (bottling up the spirit to light up the universe has what to do with football?). And what is even more of a symbol of the Ty era than the green shirts are the Ws (took me a while to get to my point, I apologize). The chant is specifically done to honor the coach – whereas the shirt is for the team – so by continuing to do the Ws we are continuing a symbol meant for Ty. Doing a C would honor Weis and be a sign of the new era. I’ll even let you say Weis if it makes you more comfortable. The Cs are pretty easy to do, too. If you are having a problem come to section 29 and I’ll show you how.

Nick PlantanseniorOff-campusNov. 16