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The crack in the case

Observer Viewpoint | Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Joey Falco’s Nov. 7 article “Beating (around the) Bush” is a case in point of why the American Left continues to slip further away from the mainstream. His article is simply a restatement of the Democrat talking points since Katrina, and though he paints a beautiful picture of what the liberal democrats and the media wish, hope and dream will be true, it contains very few actual facts.

Falco’s first supposed crack in Bush’s “glass case of composure” was hurricane Katrina. New Orleans, a democrat controlled city, failed to evacuate its people and failed to accept federal aid prior to the storm. Mayor Ray “school bus” Nagin failed to mobilize hundreds of school buses that were at his disposal to help evacuate his city. Democratic governor Kathleen Blanco, prior to Katrina, turned down the help of the Federal government when Bush offered it. It was recently discovered that millions of dollars that had been given to New Orleans to improve the known problems with the levee system were diverted to other projects. The media reported rapes and killings in the Super Dome and described the city as a “Toxic Soup” that would never be rebuilt, none of which was accurate. It was all part of a Liberal vision of what they hoped to be true. It’s absurd to think the president hoped for hurricanes in order to bolster his brother’s reputation, but the liberal media and leaders wished for a disaster so that they could blame it all on Bush.

Another “crack” was the indictment of Tom DeLay. Falco fails to mention that the prosecutor, Ronnie Earle, who indicted DeLay, had to go to three different grand juries before he found the only one that would indict (one which had been sworn in just hours earlier). And what are they indicting Delay for, you might ask? Ronnie Earle, who at this very moment is making a movie about his life as a prosecutor, is accusing Delay of conspiracy to break a law that wasn’t even on the books, and wouldn’t be for another 2 years. Ronnie Earle knew his indictment would force Delay to step down in the House, and would also serve as a great ending for his political smut film.

As for the Scooter Libby “crack,” he was indicted for making a false statement, not for outing a covert CIA agent. Falco dismisses the fact that Valerie Plame had not been undercover for over five years as well as the fact that she sent her husband, Joe Wilson, to Niger to investigate WMDs. He also fails to mention that Wilson never filed an official report on his findings in Niger or that Wilson himself helped in the “outing” of himself and his wife by approaching the news media.

Bush was criticized for not preparing well enough for Katrina, and with the Bird Flu wreaking havoc throughout the world, Falco now criticizes Bush for preparing too soon. The left and people like Joey Falco read the news and feel that there is some sort of conservative crackup occurring. They see the hope for their struggling democratic party to finally regain the control that had been “stolen” from them by the corrupt Bush administration. What they don’t see is that all of Falco’s “cracks” have actually revitalized the resolve of the Republican Party. Time will show that this will be the beginning of a conservative crackdown. It is obvious that the dreams of the left, the media and Falco will not be coming true, and they will soon wake only to find themselves looking at their reflections through the shards of their own cracked case.

Chris Reintjessenioroff-campusNov. 7