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World AIDS awareness

Observer Viewpoint | Monday, December 5, 2005

I eagerly anticipated the release of the movie “Rent” all year. I particularly enjoy the music and the theme of love and seizing the day. But, what I failed to grasp, even with the songs resounding in my head was the most important underlying theme: the severity and bitter reality of the AIDS epidemic.

Some movie reviews were adament that “Rent” might not appeal to modern audiences because they couldn’t relate to the AIDS problem faced by the United States in the ’80s and ’90s. I couldn’t disagree more. Certainly AIDS awareness has increased in the United States, but today more than ever, AIDS and HIV are becoming ever more daunting problems in the world. Simply because we don’t talk about the problem of AIDS or don’t encounter it daily doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

World AIDS day certainly brought to light for me the epidemic which humanity is facing. The daunting facts and statistics of the number of people infected with the disease was really enlightening, and I’d like to give a hand to all those who partook in the Notre Dame project.

“Rent” is only a popular movie. The songs are catchy and its themes are motivating, but hopefully audiences will realize that there is a greater problem which does exist here and now. World AIDS day sent a message that I found similar to the moral of “Rent”: we are all connected in this world, and we must help one another to live each day.

Katie McAnanyfreshmanBreen-Phillips hallDec. 1