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Bengal Bouts: Cimino defeats Weber after going to mat in second round

Tim Kaiser | Thursday, February 23, 2006

Junior Christian Kondratowicz defeated freshman pirate aficionado Brian “Captain Jack” Blacker with a win by split decision Tuesday.

The first round was a sloppy affair, with both boxers missing a several punches. The second round was again an even one, but the velocity of the punches increased. Near the end of the round, Kondratowicz hit Blacker with a hook that sent his mouth guard flying.

Blacker failed to block his opponent’s shots in the third, and Kondratowicz sealed the win.

Chris Hanlon vs. Jeff Simko

Junior Chris Hanlon beat graduate student Jeff Simko in a brutal match that saw both pugilists leave bruised and bloodied.

Much of the fight was back and forth, with both boxers trading hard shots with each other. Hanlon finished the second round with a bloody nose, and Simko got one in the third.

Hanlon won by split decision.

Alec Rackish vs. Brian “Bulldog” Barrett

Freshman Alec Rackish lost a unanimous decision to graduate student Brian “Bulldog” Barrett in the next match.

After an even first round, Barrett dominated the beginning of the second round, and Rackish nearly fell, spawning a standing count. Rackish rebounded at the end of the round and landed a few shots to Barrett’s head to close the gap. In the third, Barrett threw a series of hard punches, ensuring his victory.

Dan Rogers vs. Matt De Lucia

Graduate student Dan Rogers defeated junior Matt De Lucia by TKO in a bout that showed two very different fighting styles in action.

De Lucia spent the first round ducking and weaving while Rogers stood tall and connected on powerful punches, backing De Lucia in a corner where he continued his assault. The referee stopped the fight 40 seconds into the second round after Rogers cornered De Lucia on the ropes.

Robert “Golden Boy” Cimino vs. Mark Weber

Robert “Golden Boy” Cimino won by split decision over freshman Mark Weber in a frenetic fight that saw a huge number of punches thrown.

Weber’s reckless fighting style got the senior Cimino against the ropes in the first round but left him open to hard jabs from Cimino. Cimino began the second round on the offensive before slipping onto the canvas after being hit with a hard punch from Weber. In the third round, Cimino took advantage of Weber’s aggressiveness by countering enough of Weber’s wild punches to win.

John “The Highlighter” O’Connell vs. Patrick Martin

In the debut match of the 150-pound division, John “The Highlighter” O’Connell beat fellow freshman Patrick Martin by unanimous decision.

O’Connell began the fight with a flurry of punches that put Martin against the ropes. Martin was less tentative in the second, throwing more punches but still ending up with a bloody nose by the end of the round.

Kevin Garcia vs. Guillermo “Almost Done with Law School” Tijerina

Freshman Kevin Garcia lost by a split decision to third-year law student Guillermo “Almost Done with Law School” Tijerina.

Tijerina began on the offensive, but Garcia sat back and landed a few counter-punches. In the second, Tijerina fought Garcia up against the ropes. In the third round, Garcia knocked Tijerina to one knee, where he remained for a four-count before finishing the fight.

Joey Leary vs. John Aland

Joey Leary beat fellow freshman John Aland by a unanimous decision in a sloppy fight.

Aland slipped on the canvas early on and nearly slid out of the ring. Later in the first, the fighters became intertwined and collapsed in a pile on the canvas. The two were clinching for most of the second round, and any punches landed were thrown as the two grabbed at each other’s heads and torsos.

Brian Tyrrell vs. Paul Mower

Junior Brian Tyrrell bested sophomore Paul Mower in a matchup of O’Neill residents.

The fight proved to be largely uneventful. In the first, both fighters traded punches, with Mower landing some hard shots. The second round was another back-and-forth affair, this time with the two tired fighters clinching every few seconds. Tyrrell had to have his bloody nose patched up by trainers after the round, but he overcame the injury to last another close round, after which he won by split decision.

Pat O’Brien vs. Mark Dummett

Pat O’Brien won a unanimous decision over Mark Dummett in a fairly even matchup of sophomores marked by O’Brien’s knack for landing big punches.

Dummett appeared to tire by the end of the first round and began clinching, a trend which he continued throughout the fight. He was more aggressive in the second round, but O’Brien countered to land some more impressive punches. The third round saw O’Brien get increasingly aggressive, backing Dummett up against the ropes and finishing him off with more power punches.

Sophomore Bret “The Mail Never Stops” Shapot came away with a victory by unanimous decision against senior Nick “The Extinguisher” Stahlschmidt in a match dominated by Shapot’s reckless offense.

Shapot brought a unique and energetic fighting style to the ring, throwing non-stop punches. He blocked poorly but never allowed Stahlschmidt to get going. Shapot bloodied Stahlschmidt’s nose and connected on both head and body shots to seal the win.

Sophomore David Pepe and junior Kevin “Let’s Engage in Fisticuffs” Hederman, both Carroll residents, fought a tough match that once again saw an aggressive style pay off.

Pepe won by unanimous decision in an otherwise even bout on the strength of flurries of punches – one each round, the second of which sent Hederman up against the ropes, where Pepe connected on hard shots to the body.

In the last match of the night, sophomore Jesse “Wolverine” Brawer toppled freshman Tomas Castillo.

Brawer controlled the bout with a ferocious offense, sending Castillo to the canvas in the first round. The second round was fairly even before Brawer blew the fight open in the third by landing powerful jabs on the overmatched Castillo.