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Bengal Bouts: Opening Blows

Jack Thornton | Wednesday, February 22, 2006

In the first fight of the evening Tuesday, sophomore Chris Izaguirre took the initiative over graduate student Joe “The Duke” Herzog, winning by unanimous decision.

In the first round, Izaguirre did a better job of mixing up his punches, but left himself open to retaliation. A flurry of left-right and high-low combos in the second round put the match solidly in Izaguirre’s favor.

The Duke and Izaguirre traded a series of headshots to end the third round.

Dan “The Hurricane” Castellanos vs. John Biddle

The second match of the night featured size versus speed, as sophomore John Biddle used his long reach to defeat the quick-footed freshman Dan “The Hurricane” Castellanos by a split decision.

Biddle held the advantage in the first round as The Hurricane struggled to find a way inside his taller opponent.

The Hurricane was more successful at landing punches in the second and third rounds, but Biddle scored points with a series of left-right hooks to secure the win.

Anthony “The Desire” Steier vs. Glenn Gutierrez

After an uneventful first round, Glenn Gutierrez set the tone in the second round of his match against senior Anthony “The Desire” Steier but was unable to hold on for the win.

The speedy Gutierrez worked his way inside his opponent, landing a left jab and right hook that drew a gasp from the crowd.

He ran out of gas in the third round, though, allowing the taller Steier to land several left-right jab combinations that forced Gutierrez to wrap up. The Desire won on the comeback by a split decision.

Sean Mallin vs. Pat “Homewrecker” Garrison

In a battle of Keough Hall dormmates, sophomore Pat “Homewrecker” Garrison implemented a classic style to defeat freshman Sean Mallin by unanimous decision.

Mallin used the height advantage, but Homewrecker danced around his opponent, finding and attacking the body whenever he could. After an even first, Homewrecker forced Mallin into the corner several times in the second round and delivered a right jab that nearly knocked him over in the third.

Sean “Ooohs and Ahhs” McNichols vs. James Draths

After freshman Sean “Ooohs and Ahhs” McNichols nearly fell in the second round, his opponent freshman James Draths went in for the kill.

Sensing McNichols’s vulnerability, Draths backed him into the corner and delivered a series of right hooks that sent “Ooohs and Ahhs” to the mat – the first time all night a fighter fell.

McNichols tried to take back the advantage in the third but lowered his defenses midway through the round, allowing Draths to keep him at bay while the round ended. Draths won by unanimous decision.

Jim Buffi vs. Lawrence “The Boston Massacre” Sullivan

In the bloodiest match of the first session, sophomore Lawrence “The Boston Massacre” Sullivan beat sophomore Jim Buffi by a technical knockout in the third round.

The fight started poorly for Buffi, as he was knocked down in the first minute and lost his mouthguard after Sullivan landed a forcible left jab. The bout had to be stopped several times as Buffi required medical attention but kept getting back into the ring.

One minute into the third round, The Boston Massacre landed a powerful right hook-left hook combination, causing the ref to stop the fight on a standing-eight count.

Mike “Soldier” Schmitt vs. Mike Amenta

In a match in which both fighters came out aggressively, senior Mike “Soldier” Schmitt established the pecking order against freshman Mike Amenta.

In the first round Amenta used his height advantage to keep Schmitt from getting inside, but the off-campus senior proved to be too quick for his opponent.

Effectively mixing in high and low body shots, Schmitt delievered a right hook to Amenta’s head 1:10 into the third round, causing the ref to call the fight in Schmitt’s favor.

Brian “Mad Dog” Desplinter vs. Jim Duffy

Using a shifty hit-and-run style, Brian “Mad Dog” Desplinter defeated fellow Alumni Hall freshman Jim Duffy by unanimous decision.

Desplinter was too quick for his dormmate, landing quick jabs and getting out before Duffy could retalliate.

After falling in the second round, Duffy landed some big right hooks and left jabs in the third, but Mad Dog held on for the win.

John “The Iceman” Cooney vs. Mike Batanian

The first 145-pound division fight of the evening featured sophomore John “The Iceman” Cooney and freshman Mike Batanian.

Both boxers were timid in the first round, but they came out firing in the second. Iceman opened with a series of jabs to the head, turning Batanian’s face bright red. In the third round Batanian mixed up his style with high-low and left-right body shots, while Iceman kept punching Batanian in the head.

Cooney won in a split decision.

Eddie “His Love” White vs. Calvin Evangelista

In 140-pound division action, sophomore Eddie “His Love” White and freshman Calvin Evangelista competed in the most exciting fight of the first session.

White began the first round on the attack, but left himself open to a series of big right jabs from Evangelista. Something must have been said about someone else’s mother, because the boxers ran out in the second round and exchanged a rabid volley of left and right hooks that roused the audience to thunderous applause.

Neither boxer bothered to defend during the exchange, and Evangelista eventually gained the advantage. White came out aggressively in the third round, but Evangelista maintained control and won by unanimous decision.

“Gentle” Ben Vincent vs. Mike “Just call me Merck” Henning

Junior Mike “Just Call Me Merck” Henning was anything but easy on freshman “Gentle” Ben Vincent, as Henning forced a technical knockout 15 seconds into the second round.

One of the fastest fighters of the night, Henning dodged most of “Gentle” Ben’s punches, and then landed big hits on his out-of-position opponent.

Andrew McGill vs. E.J. Alston

In the 145-pound division, junior Andrew McGill forced another second round technical knockout against freshman E.J. Alston.

Alston had a slight height advantage, but McGill was too quick, landing left jabs at will and getting inside for some body shots.

In the second round, a devastating right hook from McGill caused the ref to give Alston a standing-eight count. McGill continued his dominance, and after another standing-eight count, the ref called the bout 1:10 into the second round.