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Group votes on event funding

Liz Harter | Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Saint Mary’s Board of Governance voted to provide $2,795 – more than half of its remaining co-sponsorship funds for the semester- to help finance the upcoming Midnight Madness and Fire and Safety Fair at its meeting Monday night.

Technology commissioner Ashley Enright said individuals, including Vice President of Student Affairs Linda Timm, and local businesses donate prizes to Midnight Madness, but the planning committee still needs the financial support of student government and requested $5,000.

“[We’re] asking for a lot of money, but it is just half of the cost of what is going on,” she said.

Following Enright’s proposal, board members discussed BOG’s past financial involvement with Midnight Madness and the effect providing the money would have on future co-sponsorship requests.

Executive treasurer Jillian Waters reminded officers the BOG would be receiving a request of as much as $7,000 for The Show in coming weeks.

Last year, student government gave $2,000 to Midnight Madness, Waters said, but not through an official co-sponsorship grant.

“This year they’re trying to make it a little more professional on where they’re getting their [money],” she said.

Some officers expressed concern about the amount of money requested and how it was going to be spent.

“Looking back at the whole year, do we want to spend $5,000 on food and prizes and shirts?” missions commissioner Jennifer Robbins said. “I mean, maybe that is where it ends up anyway, but it just seems like a lot of money.”

Student body president Kellye Mitros said while every co-sponsorship affects a large number of students in theory, financial support of Midnight Madness would actually do so in practice.

“They are asking for $5,000, which is all we have in our budget, so I’m guessing you are not going to vote for that,” Mitros told the Board.

Mitros also expressed the possibility of utilizing club co-sponsorship funds for non-club events. Student Activities director George Rosenbush said officers could potentially redirect money from the club lines to finance other activities.

Senior class president Lauren Condon moved to give half of the requested amount, which was immediately voted on and approved.

In a second co-sponsorship proposal, Residence Hall president Jackie Wright, who sits on the College’s Fire Safety Committee, requested $295 to help purchase whistles and safety tip cards to be distributed at the Saint Mary’s Fire and Safety Fair this spring.

After minimal discussion, the board voted to provide this money.