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Random thoughts on a winter’s day

Observer Viewpoint | Friday, February 10, 2006

Why can’t people be more like our feathered friends?

As I sit here writing this article it is about 19 degrees outside and my knee hurts due to a recent incident involving me and a patch of ice. I am wondering why I decided on a college that is in this snow globe also commonly referred to as South Bend. I think the birds are really on to something – we should all head south during the winters. I am not just talking about a six day jaunt in March. Several months in the sun would be ideal; besides, who doesn’t look better with a little tan?

The Bookstore ought to screen people before allowing them to buy apparel.

Currently in the Chicago Arch Diocese there are several priests being tried for alleged pedophilia. One of these men, Fr. Daniel McCormack, decided to wear his Notre Dame sweatshirt to court. That’s really great press. Exactly the kind of image Notre Dame should want people conveying – maybe someone should think about sending Saddam one for his trial too.

The opening ceremony for the Olympics is tonight.

This is pretty exciting because I actually prefer the Winter Olympics to the Summer. With the exception of figure skating and ice dancing, it seems to me that most of the athletes in the winter games are more rugged and tough than the divers and gymnasts. That said, any event where you can listen to your iPod while competing or where a broom is in an essential part of your equipment is not a real sport in my book.

I bet John Wayne is rolling over in his grave.

The Duke would be mortified to hear that people are flocking to theaters to see a movie about two kissing cowboys. Honestly, in some of John Wayne’s movies he didn’t even have time for romancing women, let alone men. If he were alive today to see this he would be about 98 and so there isn’t a lot he would be able to do, but he’d probably send Chuck Norris to go roundhouse kick the boys on Brokeback in the face (can someone explain this recent phenomenon to me?).

A new project for local government officials.

Now that this whole time zone fiasco has been taken care of, I have a new idea that can keep them busy – I think smoking should be banned from South Bend bars. We all know the obvious reason which is the dangers of smoking for the actual smokers and those who are exposed to it second-handedly. Additionally, I hate the fact that you cannot go grab a drink with friends without coming back smelling like an ash try.

Why can’t my fellow schoolmates just take a joke sometimes?

I don’t mean to over-generalize, but I often hear my fellow Saint Mary’s students complaining about jokes about them. While I can understand why one would take offense when a school they are proud to attend is being attacked, you have got to have a sense of humor too. A Saint Mary’s joke in South Bend is an easy a laugh as a blonde joke. They are funny because they are so absurd. Just as fair-haired people are no less intelligent than brunettes and red heads, students at Saint Mary’s are not inferior so simply take it in stride and have a good laugh.

Spring Training is just about two weeks away.

I am already nervous about this coming baseball season. I thought with the White Sox sweeping the Series in 2005 I would enter this season feeling confident and at ease. Now that I have had a taste of the glory, I want more. I guess the fact that it has recently come out that our Coach of the Year, Ozzie Guillen, was hungover when he applied for his job doesn’t help all that much. Let’s save the cocktails and hangovers for celebration after the games, rather than before!

So that is what’s on my mind right now – it’s been a long week and I can honestly say that I am glad it’s Friday!

Molly Acker is a senior communication studies and humanistic studies double major at Saint Mary’s. She can be contacted at [email protected]

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