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Supporting readership

Letter to the Editor | Friday, February 24, 2006

I am writing in support of the College Readership Program, which was discussed in Thursday’s issue of The Observer (“Readership stirs controversy,” Feb. 24). I am glad to see that the increase in the student activities fee will be used for something beneficial by providing major newspapers to our students free of charge.

The article mentioned that those who oversee the distribution of financial assets to various student organizations on campus were upset that their budgets were being cut. Mac Russell said that students should know that their money is being sent off-campus. This complaint is ridiculous for a number of reasons.

First of all, there are over 300 student-run organizations on campus. It is impossible for an individual student to participate in any more than a handful of them. Yet, money from the student activities fee is used to fund all of them. With the introduction of the College Readership Program, every student will be given the opportunity to read one of the newspapers provided. In fact, the money will now be used more fairly than it has in the past. Funds will not be sent off-campus. They will remain on-campus and be utilized in a better way than in the past.

Finally, however, it is critically important that student activities money actually be used to benefit students. The College Readership Program does this directly by making news readily available. The Club Coordination Council merely provides funds to a plethora of student run organizations, the majority of which no one cares about. Most of these organizations do not benefit more than a handful of students in any way. If these organizations are concerned about finances, they should raise money on their own to supplement the support they receive from the University.

However, for what it’s worth, I feel that the activity fee all of us are required to pay should be used for something that can benefit all of us. I think the College Readership Program is the best way to accomplish this.

Joe BruttojuniorCarroll HallFeb. 23