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Bengal Bouts: Veterans Dominate Quarterfinal Round

Dan Murphy and Greg Arbogast | Wednesday, March 1, 2006

The first quarterfinal fight of 2006 ended with 26 seconds remaining in the final round as sophomore Will Marra defeated sophomore Nicholas “Spiderman” McClees.Marra used his height advantage to keep “Spiderman” at bay while connecting on solid combos throughout. After landing a strong right jab to draw a standing eight count in the second round, Marra kept his opponent along the ropes for the remainder of the fight to earn the victory.

Sagar Navare vs. Chris IzaguirreThe 132-pound division opened up with another Zahm victory from sophomore Chris Izaguirre. Both fighters started quickly, but it was Izaguirre who led throughout the match. A strong series of combinations temporarily stopped the fight in the second round. Navare altered his strategy and was able to land a few punches early in the third round by pinning his opponent against the ropes, but the effort was not enough to hold back Izaguirre, who was able to work his way out of trouble and stay in control.

James “The Beast from the Beach” Carlson vs. Josef-Dmytro “Fun Size” Aponte After a strong start, second year law student Josef-Dmytro “Fun Size” Aponte fell to sophomore James “The Beast from the Beach” Carlson. “Fun Size” kept Carlson along the ropes early in the second round but a series of strong rights soon took away the law student’s advantage. Carlson outlasted Aponte in the third round as he struggled to protect his face, allowing “The Beast from the Beach” to land enough punches to secure a split decision.

David Rowinski vs. John BiddleSophomore John Biddle upset junior David Rowinski with a unanimous victory in the next fight using a slight height advantage and a steady helping of jabs. Rowinski began the first round with a quick flurry, but was kept on the defensive for much of the remainder of the fight. In the closing seconds, Biddle finished with multiple right hooks that won him a chance to fight in the semifinals next week.

Anthony “The Desire” Steier vs. Kris “El Azteca” PerezIn the next bout, senior Anthony “The Desire” Steier faced off against second-seeded freshman Kris “El Azteca” Perez.Perez – the quicker of the two fighters – flew around the ring, trapping his opponent in the corners on several occasions in the first and second rounds. “El Azteca” went for the kill in the third, and halfway through the final round he landed a huge left hook that knocked Steier to the canvas for good. The knockout win was the first of the night.

Jason “The Jackhammer” Rodulfa vs. Patrick “Homewrecker” GarrisonSophomore Patrick “Homewrecker” Garrison won a unanimous decision against freshman Jason “The Jackhammer” Rodulfa.Garrison started the fight with a few strong right hooks that got Rodulfa on the run for the remainder of the first round. With standing eight counts in both the first and second rounds, “Homewrecker” had a strong lead going into the third. He kept the pressure on by staying aggressive throughout the third round and came out with the unanimous victory.

James Drath vs. Lawrence “The Boston Massacre” SullivanTwo Fishermen faced off in the next bout as freshman James Drath took on sophomore Lawrence “The Boston Massacre” Sullivan.Sullivan got out to an early advantage by throwing a set of combinations in the first round that kept Drath from doing any serious damage. Drath retaliated early in the second round, but “The Boston Massacre” was able to regain his momentum as he landed a crushing uppercut at the conclusion. The final round continued to go in Sullivan’s favor as he shook up Drath and drew a standing eight count in the closing seconds to take the unanimous victory.

Michael “Soldier” Schmitt vs. Brian “Mad Dog” DesplinterSenior Michael “Soldier” Schmitt used his experience to win a unanimous decision over freshman Brian “Mad Dog” Desplinter, as his speed helped overcome a slight height disadvantage for the win.In the first round Desplinter was able to sprinkle in a few strong punches, but “Soldier” held the advantage from bell to bell, continuously backing his opponent into a corner. Schmitt’s aggressive style kept “Mad Dog” from mounting any kind of a comeback in the later rounds, as he had to spend most of his time defending himself from the constant blows. Schmitt moves on to the semifinals with the unanimous decision.

Calvin Evangelista vs. Michael “Just Call Me Merck” HennigJunior Michael “Just Call Me Merck” Hennig wasted no time in his quarterfinal bout against freshman Calvin Evangelista.Hennig landed six consecutive punches in a span of 30 seconds, which caused the referee to stop the fight. The effort cemented Hennig’s place in the semifinals in impressive time.

Andrew McGill vs. John “The Iceman” CooneyJunior Andrew McGill started off the 145-pounders with a similar speedy win over sophomore John “The Iceman” Cooney. Cooney lasted only one minute and 17 seconds as McGill started off with a killer combination causing a standing eight count. Only seconds after the fight resumed, McGill landed an identical combo, giving Cooney his second eight count and ending the fight.

Christian “The Count of Monte Fisto” Kondratowicz vs. Chris “C.F.” HanlonJunior Chris “C.F” Hanlon defeated Christian “The Count of Monte Fisto” Kondrarowicz in a unanimous decision in the 145-pound division.After an even first round, Hanlon delivered a string of left jabs drawing a standing eight count in the second round. Kondrarowicz was able to keep his hands up high for most of the fight defending against Hanlon. “C.F.” then resorted to using uppercuts to sneak between his opponent’s gloves, landing enough punches for the win and a berth into the semifinals.

Brian “Bulldog” Barret vs. Dan RodgersIn a split decision, freshman Dan Rodgers held off graduate student Brian “Bulldog” Barret for the win.Both fighters came out fast in the first round, landing blows in an evenly-contested opening. Rodgers used his height to jab Barret while keeping himself out of harm’s way. In the later rounds, Rodgers boxed “Bulldog” into the corners to gain a slight advantage. The fight was evenly contested throughout but Rodgers was able to hold on for the win.

Robert “Golden Boy” Cimino vs. Tommy “Fightin’ for Milk” FordAfter an even first round, junior Tommy “Fightin’ for Milk” Ford took control of the fight and went on to win a unanimous decision.Sophomore Robert “Golden Boy” Cimino managed to fight Ford into a corner early in the second round, but the O’Neill junior landed a few strong jabs to bloody Cimino’s nose and temporarily stop the fight. Ford repeated the performance in the third, once again drawing blood, which caused the referee to end the fight and award him the final semifinal spot in the 145-pound division.

John “The Highlighter” O’Connell vs. Guillermo “Almost done with law school” TijerinaFreshman John “The Highlander” O’Connell won a unanimous decision over Guillermo “Almost Done with Law School” Tijerina. O’Connell led off the second round by trapping Tijerina in a corner and landing a strong combo. “The Highlander” was able to keep his momentum throughout the remainder of the round, preventing Tijerina from landing any solid blows. “Almost Done with Law School” mounted a small comeback early on in the final round, but O’Connell finished strong for the victory.

Joey Leary vs. Brian TyrrellFreshman Joey Leary lost in a close split decision to junior Brian Tyrrell.Tyrrell started off well with a series of lefts. In the second round, Leary stayed low and worked the body. However, the junior from O’Neill came back with another set of lefts and uppercuts to punch his ticket into the semifinal round.

Patrick O’Brien vs. Bret ShapotSophomore Bret Shapot used an aggressive style to win a unanimous decision victory over sophomore Patrick O’Brien in the 150 pound weight division. Both fighters landed punches throughout the fight, often trading blows with one another.Shapot, however, landed more of his punches, the biggest coming in the second round as he landed a flurry on O’Brien, causing the ref to stop the fight. Shapot also delivered an effective combo in the first round that caused O’Brien to stumble to the ground.The fight proceeded at a frenetic pace all night, as the two fighters preferred to go right after one another rather than dance back and forth. This pace finally slowed down in the third round as the fighters tired and resorted more to grabbing.

David Pepe vs. Jesse BrawerSophomore Jesse Brawer delivered the pain early and often on his way to a unanimous decision victory over sophomore David Pepe in the 150 lb. weight division. Brawer landed multiple punches, including one to the face, near the end of the first round. He then continued his momentum as the second round began, landing a big counterpunch to Pepe’s head. Pepe was clearly dazed from this point on.Pepe attempted to use a dance and counter style throughout the fight that was largely ineffective. Pepe did not aggressively land punches until the third round, by which point the fight was largely determined.

Chris “The People’s Champ” Calderone vs. Anthony SchweissJunior Chris Calderone was effective enough to convince the judges to give him a split decision victory over junior Anthony Schweiss in the 155 lb. weight division. The fight started out slowly in the first round, as both fighters danced around one another feeling each other out. Calderone landed a few quick punches to Schweiss’ head, but not many overall.The pace picked up in the second round as Calderone used his jab effectively, opening Schweiss up to roundhouse blows to the head. Schweiss attempted to use his jab in return but that was largely ineffective.The third round featured the two fighters trading blows back and forth as they tired, but Calderone had done enough to win the decision by this point.

Bryan “The Polish Sausage” Marek vs. Nathan DyerJunior Nathan Dyer saved his best for last as he dispatched of junior Bryan Marek by a split decision in the 155 lb. weight division.The fight started out slowly, but got progressively more exciting with the biggest hitting coming in the final round. Both fighters still had energy left as they had spent the first round largely feeling each other out. Dyer took control of the fight in the third round as he landed multiple punches, including a couple to Marek’s face.The second round featured aggressive combos from both boxers, but neither fighter really took control of the match in the earlier rounds.

Andrew “The Fuzzy Raptor” Litschi vs. David “The Southern Gun” WiersonIn one of the most exciting fights of the night, junior David Wierson landed enough key punches to defeat senior Andrew Litschi by a split decision in the 155 lb. weight division.Wierson looked as though he would have no trouble with Litschi as he, utilizing his long reach, opened the fight by unleashing a huge combo within the first five seconds of the fight. But Litschi responded later in the round with a vicious combo of his own that caused Wierson to stumble into the ropes.The fight continued at a fast pace throughout the three rounds as the two fighters traded punches. In each round, both fighters landed numerous combos as well as blows to the head. In the end, the judges decided Wierson had landed the more effective series of blows.

Michael Gibbons vs. Zachary “Zach Attack” JaraWith one of the most impressive performances of the night, junior Zachary Jara dominated all three rounds to defeat senior Michael Gibbons by a unanimous decision in the 155 lb. weight division.Jara was one of the seeded fighters in the 155 lb. weight division, and he showed that he deserved the ranking. Using a dodge and counter-attack style, he repeatedly caused Gibbons to whiff on his punches, which gave Jara the opportunity to counter. Jara landed repeated combos as well as punches to Gibbons’ head in every round. The ref had to stop the fight in the third round after Jara delivered a series of punches to Gibbons’ head. Mark Basola vs. Jeffrey HausfeldSophomore Jeffrey Hausfeld broke through near the end of his fight with senior Mark Basola to earn for himself a split decision victory in the 160 lb. weight division.Basola, who owned a significant height advantage, utilized his long reach to keep his opponent at bay. In the first round, Hausfeld was unable to penetrate Basola’s reach, and neither fighter landed significant punches.In the second and third rounds, both fighters started to land punches as they traded combos back and forth. Hausfeld, who started to use a counter punch style to get inside of Basola’s reach, landed enough punches to convince the judges to give him the victory.

Mark Hinken vs. Daniel LiemIn perhaps the most exciting fight of the evening, freshman Mark Hinken outlasted senior Daniel Liem to win a split decision in the 160 lb. weight division.The pace of the fight was extremely fast as both fighters exchanged numerous blows in every round. The crowd spurred both fighters on as they traded combos back and forth.Liem, who used a duck and counter style, landed multiple punches to the head and the ref had to stop the fight three times to allow Hinken to clean the blood off his face.Hinken, however, responded to nearly every one of Liem’s combos. The most important of these came at the very end of the third round when Hinken closed out the fight with four big hits.

Sean Wieland vs. Alex DuffyFreshman Alex Duffy got stronger as the fight progressed, earning a unanimous decision victory over sophomore Sean Wieland in the 160 lb. weight division.The fight started out slowly as neither fighter attempted to throw many punches in the first round. Duffy did land one punch to the head of Wieland.The fight picked up in the later rounds as Duffy started to land punches with consistency. Wieland was on the defensive for the entire fight, and he was unable to land many significant punches.Duffy’s best combo of the night came in the third round when he caused Wieland to stumble. The ref had to stop the fight to allow him to recover.