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Obsessed with ’24’

Marcela Berrios | Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Like life, ’24’ is a box of chocolates, and even though I have not missed a single episode in the show’s 5-year run, and even though I can quote with disturbing precision Jack Bauer’s words, I still never know what to expect.

Monday night was completely and devastatingly shocking even to this unhealthily obsessive fanatic.

Beware if you have not seen this week’s episodes, as there are details coming up next that will reveal the new twist our favorite terrorist drama has taken.

I am still processing the new crisis that has developed within the walls of the Counter Terrorist Unit, the government agency that all real government agencies should try to imitate.

The enemy once again managed to breach CTU, which happened in the past already, so for the last few weeks I’ve been displeased with recycled stories of moles, biological threats and the unfailing presence of a CTU director that wants Jack Bauer arrested for ignoring protocol.

I suppose life and ’24’ have ups and downs.

I was starting to get restless with these plain milk chocolates, but then the creative masterminds and Kiefer Sutherland gave me the long-awaited gourmet chocolate I was craving.

They killed Edgar!

The terrorists released nerve gas inside CTU and my teddy bear Edgar was too slow to hide.

He just dropped dead right by the computer station he loved so dearly, and a tearful Chloe watched from a sealed room, where the rest of the show’s cast conveniently managed to group.

I guess the rest of the CTU staff just ran around without direction in the hallways because the previews for next week say half of them died.


However, Edgar’s death does mark a turning point.

The clock even ticked away in respectful silence after his passing.

He was quirky, huggable, and there was a sexual tension going on there with Chloe, but we will never know what could have been because the Powers That Be took him away from the legions of ’24’ fans that loved him and his awkwardness.


I don’t understand it.

I know the Lord has a divine plan for every single person, and we must trust Him even when we cannot understand that plan.

I know I trust Jack Bauer.

I would vote for him for President of the United States if only he were a real person, and if I were an American citizen.

However, I cannot understand why one wouldn’t keep exploiting the gold mine that was Edgar Stiles.

I am mourning, I cannot concentrate.

I will be strong, though.

I know better times will come, like when Jack and Audrey finally kiss again, or Aaron the Secret Service agent makes out with the First Lady.

That’s life, there are happy times, like when Edgar was weird and snapped at his co-workers, and there are bad times, like the mountain lion and the 4-hour amnesia that cost ’24’ an Emmy for best dramatic series.