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Residence hall system not to blame

Letter to the Editor | Monday, March 27, 2006

I think it’s a shame that a number of Notre Dame students take a “victim mentality” and blame the rules and institutions (or lack thereof in the case of fraternities) of Notre Dame for certain deficiencies in their lives. Last time I checked, Notre Dame doesn’t prevent men or women from asking each other out on actual dates. It isn’t Notre Dame that promotes the Facebook and Instant Messenger as primary means of communication. Parietals only begin at 12 a.m. on weekdays – what is to blame for the so-called “distortion” from 9a.m.-12a.m.? Those who choose to blame parietals or single sex dorms for gender relations either don’t really want a relationship (which is fine) or lack the courage or ambition to actually get out in the world and develop one.

Students wanting fraternities and sororities at Notre Dame are also disappointing. The residence hall I live in has dynamic commissions for every aspect of life: spiritual, liturgical, residence hall unity, community service, dances, sports, everything. Residence halls also offer the opportunity to join in the spirit of the hall or work to promote it more. Outside the hall there is the Center for Social Concerns, Campus Ministry, intramural sports, and a club for every interest plus the resources to start a club if one desires. If a student like one of those quoted in the Greek life series doesn’t find adequate resources to “get a life” and “a part of a community” on this campus, then it’s not the University’s fault. As college students, it’s time to take personal responsibility to get what we want out of life. And if what you want out of life is just more out of control parties, I’m sure you can find those too, but I doesn’t think the University needs to promote any institution that would help you meet that goal, especially here at the most prestigious Catholic university in the United States.

Fellow students of Notre Dame, it is truly a privilege to go here. It is not the rules or institutions that are preventing you to seize the day. As a transfer student who got denied admission from the University the first time, I urge you to think about how many people wish they were attending your school and had your resources. Every minute you spend wishing things were different is a waste of time that you could be using the tremendous resources here to make yourself truly happy. Don’t waste the gift of being a Domer.

Amanda GolbabaijuniorBadin HallMarch 24