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Joke reveals ignorance

Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A stereotype is a common thought circulated to a large amount of people that is often untrue. Many stereotypes have spread through the intelligent minds of the students in the Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s communities that are idiotic and completely false. The women of Saint Mary’s are intelligent, confident and funny, with as good of a sense of humor as the men and women of Notre Dame. They can take a joke.

Yet, a joke is defined as something that is funny and makes others laugh. Sometimes, stereotypes can often be misunderstood as jokes and make the teller of the joke seem ignorant and foolish. Therefore, the Board of Governance at Saint Mary’s is sending out this plea to all those who disperse rumors and stereotypes of both institutions to only tell funny jokes and refrain from making yourself look idiotic by spreading false statements as hilarity. You undermine your intelligence by telling lies and scattering gossip to others who recognize your statements as untrue. Therefore, we are merely saving you from the sheer humiliation of being caught within a web of lies.

We would like the two institutions to base their relationship on a healthy foundation, which will promote a greater relationship in the future. This is why we would like to describe how amazing the women of Saint Mary’s are, and how phenomenal the Notre Dame community is.

The women of Saint Mary’s pride themselves on their empowering attitudes, which are reflected in their volunteer work in the community and through their leadership capabilities that are shown in both campuses. They work hard to display their academic abilities in the classroom that have been recognized nationally through awards that sometimes go unseen because of the small campus atmosphere. When they graduate from Saint Mary’s, they enter the world as fabulous women who use their Saint Mary’s education to soar in a male-dominated world.

Notre Dame is recognized as one of the top universities in the nation and boasts an academic field which is rivaled by few institutions. The Catholic mission that the University prides itself with accepts controversial topics head on without flinching. The pride that oozes from the University’s campus spreads throughout the world where people recognize a student of Notre Dame with utter respect for their intelligence and wonderful attitudes.

Why would a student of either of these institutions demean himself or herself by spreading statements that are untrue? The people that attend these schools are much too brilliant to want to appear ignorant in the eyes of others, whether on these campuses or throughout the world. Hopefully the students of both campuses will understand that a joke is meant for people to laugh at and a person who spreads a stereotype or gossip is also to be laughed at.

Saint Mary’s CollegeBoard of GovernanceApril 11