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Thank you, everyone

Sam Pandolfo | Friday, April 28, 2006

Barring a miracle or drunken mishap by someone in the Registrar’s office, I will probably not be delivering any graduation day reflections in any public forums (other than standing on a bar with a drink in my hand). Given that this will probably be my final inside column, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank certain people on campus for making my four years at Notre Dame truly unforgettable.

For four years, I have awoken more times than not to Maurice, Zahm’s head custodian, singing 80s pop songs in the bathroom or banging his vacuum into my door at 7 a.m. I’m sincerely and honestly going to miss hearing, “Sam, Sam, what up man … Yeah, Jibba, Yeah Yeah!” every morning. So to Maurice and all the hall custodial staff members across campus, thanks for putting up with us with a smile.

Officer Kelly, North Quad NDSP night patrol woman extraordinaire. No weekend was ever complete without seeing you in Zahm trying to find out who did whatever out on the quad. I’ve never seen someone handle drunken idiots with such grace and composure. If I had a vote, I would give you, and all the night patrol safety officers, a huge raise. Thanks for helping us make it home safe, because let’s be honest, some nights that walk from D2 or Library Circle can seem like a marathon, and no one wants to spend the night in a bush.

Dining hall card swipers. Despite our differences over the years – the incidents involving Zahm dorm dinners and body paint – you always manage a smile when we come in for a meal. You’ve actually convinced me in this last year that you know my name, even though you’re probably just cheating off my ID. That’s okay though, because hearing you say “Hello Samuel” actually eases the pain of knowing that I just spent $10 on the continental breakfast. So thank you for the smiles, and I hope they get you better chairs.

Library security guards. For almost 20 hours a day, you keep us safe while we study. I can’t even begin to imagine how good you are at solitaire on the computer. You’ve probably even played all 10,000 games of FreeCell. (When you get bored of computer games I recommend SuDoku – you can print free grids at www.boardhell.org, and they can help kill time like you wouldn’t believe.) All three and half times I have been in the library in my four years here, I felt extremely safe. In fact, I felt more safe while naked in the library than anywhere else on campus.

Finally, I’d like to thank the Office of Alcohol and Drug Assessment. Most of my friends know you all better than I do, but I’m grateful for the work that you do. By your definitions, nearly everyone at Notre Dame has a drinking problem, so knowing that I’m like my peers and that I fit in has made me more confident in social situations. So, thank you for helping me make friends everywhere.

After four years, things that once amazed me have become dull and boring. But I’ve noticed the little things, and not so little people that make this place possible. So to everyone else – professors, office workers, rectors and altar boys (and girls) – thank you for making Notre Dame unforgettable.