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It takes two

Kelly Meehan and Nicole Zook | Monday, May 1, 2006

Duets, doubles and duos: No matter how you say it, some of the best things in life come in pairs.

Some undertakings are just too immense for one person to handle on their own – thus is the situation within The Observer’s News department on Sunday nights for the past two years.

Each Sunday – after making the mini-trek from Saint Mary’s – we would attend the news meeting, enjoy a tasty chicken sandwich in South Dining Hall and begin the seemingly neverending task of editing stories and creating the paper’s layout.

Sadly, with Nicole’s impending graduation, last night marked the end of the Kelly-and-Nicole-Sunday-night era of creatively themed AP pages, Ken Doll headshots, “Brighter Than Sunshine” and super-scandalous secret telling.

This bittersweet time of change has allowed us to reflect on what makes us work so well together. Even though together we’ve got lightning-fast news skills, we may never quite achieve the legacy other famous pairs have achieved throughout history.

u Milk and cookies: A delicious (and maybe not nutritious, but certainly good for your mental health) snack that both satisfies your sweet tooth and quenches your inner thirst.

u Saturday morning and cartoons: A lazy time of relaxation that allows you to zone out after a stressful week and can magically transport you back to your childhood.

u Sonny and Cher: Well, minus the divorce and tragic end to Sonny’s life … a truly classy couple that provided some of the best duets of the 60s and 70s.

u Peanut butter and jelly: Who could make a sandwich without them? This classic couple has gotten us through many a dreary lunch at the dining hall. Without PB&J, college students and tiny children wouldn’t have anything to eat.

u Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: This pair is actually so different it’s scary, but you need one to counterbalance the other. This classic story duo proved that you never know what you are going to get and showed the dual nature in all of us.

u Gin and tonic: Since the 1800s, this inseparable pair has been taking the edge off life’s stressors for our of age friends.

u Shaggy and Scooby: Separately, we wonder if they could have functioned in society. They mostly just scarfed down Scooby Snacks and ran away from creepy villains. But together, somehow they always ended up helping solve the crime.

u Movies and popcorn: When we go see a movie, we just can’t avoid the temptation of a big bucket of the fluffy yellow stuff – it’s a seriously irresistible combination.

u Kelly and Nicole: Well, we may not be a legend yet, but by bringing you the Monday edition of The Observer for the past two years we’ve got a great start.

Meat and potatoes, Lennon and McCartney, salt and pepper, Bert and Ernie, Thelma and Louise, Batman and Robin, Wayne and Garth, Barbie and Ken, Chip and Dale, Sifl and Olly – they’re all great counterparts, and we can’t imagine one without the other.

Through all the long nights, all the printer problems and all the inside jokes, we’ve figured out what really makes great partners tick.

All the really perfect pairs, we’ve found, are friends.