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Atmosphere sets Notre Dame apart

Letter to the Editor | Friday, September 22, 2006

I’m writing in response to the self-righteous seniors who took such pride in leaving Notre Dame’s game against Michigan prior to the final whistle (“Football is about victories,” Sept. 21). Football is about victories, they say, and they think cheering for a team that is losing by a wide margin is “blind” and “disappointing.”

Before the quintet gets too wrapped up in its own strength of fandom, it may want to read the quotes of Gary Gray, a top-rated cornerback who was visiting for the Michigan game and verbally committed to play for Charlie Weis. The young man cites the strong student support for the team even in the face of a devastating loss as a major reason for his commitment.

Yes, wins are important in football, and my parents wouldn’t cheer a report card full of “F”s either. But they also wouldn’t kick me out of the house or forbid me from eating dinner until my grades improved. They’d tell me they loved me, but this result was unacceptable and needed to be improved, and then they’d do everything in their power to help me succeed.

That’s what the students did last Saturday. And as long as we’re going to talk about being disappointed, put me down as being disappointed that four Notre Dame students with multiple years of experience in Notre Dame and what it stands for weren’t capable of realizing that.

Mike Coffey


Class of 1991

Sept. 21