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Campus Subway tops U.S. sales

Sonia Rao | Thursday, September 28, 2006

Though it occupies only a small niche in LaFortune, Notre Dame’s campus Subway is one of the fast food chain’s biggest sellers.

Notre Dame’s Subway is ranked very highly in sales both regionally and nationally, according to Dave Prentkowski, director of Food Services.

“During the regular academic year the Notre Dame Subway is typically the number one sales store in the geographic region we are part of … [which] includes northern Indiana, and northern Ohio and parts of Illinois not including Chicago,” he said.

Nationally speaking, Notre Dame’s Subway has “reached as high as number three in the United States” in terms of sales.

The rankings are issued by Subway’s corporate communications, and other Subway stores that perform at a similar level are located in other universities, some military bases and Las Vegas casinos, Prentkowski said.

Subway has 26,534 restaurants in 85 countries, serving around 2,800 sandwiches and salads every 60 seconds, according to the company Web site.

Notre Dame students down an estimated 400 sandwiches per day, most of which are turkey, which is “consumed at a rate four times greater than any other meat,” he said.

This large consumption contributes to Notre Dame’s Subway “typically [having] the highest number of 6-foot sub and party tray sales in the region,” Prentkowski said.

With more than two million different sandwich combinations available, the restaurant is a popular choice among students looking to burn some FlexPoints.

“I get a different thing every time I go,” said freshman Brianna Muller. “That’s the only place I really go in LaFortune because of the variety and it’s also really healthy too.”