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Honoring student tickets

Letter to the Editor | Friday, September 15, 2006

As a recent graduate in May, I didn’t expect to get all the tickets I wanted in the lottery this year. Especially being from the Philadelphia area, and with all the hype, I knew I would travel back to the Bend for the big game against Penn State. So I put all my eggs in one basket, threw everything on red 6 … and lost. Strange how one goes from being guaranteed tickets (well, a spot on the field, I was in the band) to the bottom of the totem pole all in one turn of the tassle.

Disappointed, to say the least, but not broken, I was determined to get into ND stadium for my first home game as an alum. I asked my girlfriend to ask everyone she knew and put up signs everywhere. She got a phone call about a week before the game from a transfer student who was living off campus. This girl was interested in selling her ticket but wanted to know how much I would pay.

So not only did this girl sell her ticket (way) above face value, she also treated it like a silent auction to get the best profit! She never inquired whether I would be cheering for the Irish or not. She went to the ticket office and had my name printed on the ticket, just as the new rule states.

When I entered the stadium, I passed several ushers, not one of which asked for my ID. The new rule does not work and it is a pity that a better one needs to exist. It does happen. Many students do sell their tickets for profit, and it is a shame that they would risk hurting their team’s home advantage.

Maybe Admissions should have given this student’s transcript a second thought.

Dan Williamson


Class of 2006

Sept. 14